Trumps Cabinet


People seem to have some major misconceptions about the kind of cabinet Donald Trump should be putting together. Trump has never pretended to be interested in forming any other kind of cabinet than he is putting together now. In his own words he has stated on more than one occasion that he is interested in capable people not nice people. The Democrats had “nice people” and you see for yourself how that turned out for America.

Donald J. Trump is a businessman not a politician. He isn’t trying to make you or I happy with the cabinet appointments he makes. He is looking to get things done. Consequently he is seeking the best of the best for his cabinet positions regardless of how he personally feels about these people.

Take Mitt Romney for example. He is far from being the darling of the voting masses and he was more than a little vocal about his opposition to a Trump presidency. So why does it seem that Trump wants Romney as Secretary of State? As I recall during the 2012 election Romney made several international predictions that ended up coming true. At the time he was mocked for saying such things. The fact is Romney knows his shit and he is a businessman and regardless of how any of us feel about him it is a pretty good bet that he would be effective in such a position. Certainly much better the Hillary Clinton who seemed to view the post as an excuse to travel the world with her brat.

Doubtless there will be cabinet positions filled with people I personally don’t particularly like. Maybe you too will find some of these people less than desirable.

But I don’t think we the people elected President Elect Trump so that we could drive from the backseat. He has shown us that he understands where our true concerns lay and already even before taking office we see things improving almost overnight in some areas. We elected our leader and now it is time for us to follow the leader we elected. He’s got 4 years to prove to us that we were right about him.

Second guessing his every decision when we are not at the negotiating table with him does no one any good. Donald Trump is my President and unless I see something catastrophic occur due to something he does I intend to give him a pass on any decision he makes until I see for myself the results of those decisions. Maybe you should too.



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