Jill Stein Punks Hillary


Hey you remember Jill Stein dontcha? She was that Green Party (roflmao ikr) Presidential candidate. You probably wouldn’t have ever heard of her if it wasn’t for the fact that just before the election took place Ms. Stein condemned Hillary Clinton as a war monger who would think nothing of sending nukes to anyone who resisted the will of the U.S.A. I’m pretty sure she even stated that if America elected Hillary there would be a third world war not long after. It certainly seemed as if Stein has crossed the Rubicon and had given her sigil to Team Trump.

After the election with riots in the streets of many major American cities Jill decides she is going to stage a recount.

Now before you start calling Dr. Stein batshit crazy …. ah yeah she’s a physician. In fact Dr. Jill Stein graduated from Harvard and in addition to her medical studies also studied psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Stein practiced medicine for 25 years and was also an instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. The woman is no dummy. In fact given her studies in psychology, sociology, and anthropology it would be fair to say that she would be an expert on how to manipulate people. Only a great fool would underestimate such a person. She is obviously up to something.

To be real here nothing Jill Stein could do would at this point jeopardize Trumps inauguration. Not a dam thing. But it was epic level bait for someone Stein seems to loath. Yes Stein got just enough media coverage especially from the right to get Hillarys attention and that’s all it took. As soon as Steins “movement” looked like it might gather a little steam crooked Hillary hopped on board. If you wanted to destroy the Democrat Party you couldn’t have come up with a more effective finishing blow.

On a social level Hillary has proven her word(s) mean nothing as she did in fact concede the race to Donald trump. The Democrats also share this label with her as she represents them as their leader (or former leader) and the bat shit crazy Democrats (journalists, politicians, SJW etc.) come across as not just unpatriotic but as enemies of our way of life. They also sound extremely desperate.

Then there is the can of worms Dr. Jill opened up. Because of what the good Doctor has done over the last several days there will be multiple investigations both public and private into voter fraud and election rigging across the United States and this will go on for months if not years cementing the general public against such tactics and the public demanding justice for everyone involved. There was a tremendous amount of voter fraud during this election with dozens of people being arrested and charged across the nation. President Obama suggested that it was ok for illegals law breaking aliens to vote so the number of phony votes could be staggering especially in places like California or even Massachusetts.

All of the voter fraud of the 2016 elections would have gotten swept under the rug just like the voter fraud of 2008 and 2012 but not this time. This time the voter fraud issue has legs post election not just during an election. And guess what. The democrats have been getting away with voter fraud for so long now that their overconfidence ended up in Project Veritas videos which severely damaged the party and if a nationwide investigation does take place which quite frankly is already moving forward the full corruption of the Democrat Party (not just a few at the top and bottom) will be exposed to the world. Man that is an extinction level event.

By sucking Hillary Clinton into her money making scheme (which she clearly lifted from the Clintons) Dr. Jill Stein is bringing down the house on election fraud and the Democrat Party. Hallelujah!  And god bless you Dr. Jill.



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