I’ve Changed my Mind: Lock Her Up


A few days ago I wrote an Op-ed in which I suggested that America not prosecute Hillary Clinton. The election was over and Mrs. Clinton suffered humiliations galore as her well honed career was crushed by a TV reality show host. Well thanks to Jill Stein I’ve changed my mind.

The truth is Hillary doesn’t give a shit about America. What exactly does her little recount going to accomplish? Nothing. She conceded. It doesn’t matter if the recount gives Clinton a 75% lead on Trump the woman conceded the race. It’s over. The fat lady finished singing and the curtain came down.

The only thing Clinton can hope to accomplish at this point is to cause as much interior turmoil as she can. If the partisan hacks overseeing the recounts can come up with some excuse to claim Hillary won then Trump would be forced to sue every state Hillary won for a recount as well. January 20th could come and go without a new president and with Obama still in office doing his best to finish the job he started ie: destroying America.

Going high eh? This is scumbaggery at epic proportions. With such a low regard for the welfare of her own country Clinton isn’t just disqualified from being president (actually she should have been disqualified because of the laws pertaining to her e-mail scandal) one could argue that her quest to undermine the voting process qualifies her for treason.

Well Hillary you had your chance to walk away. Even Donald said he didn’t want to hurt you. Do you think he still feels that same way? I doubt it.



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