Power, Sex and Morality


There is a certain school of thought that believes that the amount and type of sexual encounters anyone experiences is based on availability to the individual. The more situations that arise in ones daily, weekly, monthly, etc. lives that have the potential to turn into sex the more likely that the individual will have more sex with more different partners. In fact some believe that if you put yourself into such situations in the first place you are in fact seeking sex and with as many different partners as you can. This of course would be a primary human trait to ensure procreation and it is perhaps the strongest trait among all humans regardless of relatively minor variations in the species.

So we have established that the more available sex is the more often it occurs.

Some of you might remember how exciting it was the first time you had sex. No doubt you were experiencing many different emotions throughout the entire process from pre to post. In general sex is exciting especially if it isn’t a common thing in your life. Unfortunately the more you have sex the less exciting it becomes and as it becomes less and less exciting many (if not most) turn to fetishes to help make it interesting again.

From time immortal the well to do among us have been pushing sexual diversions into some pretty deplorable areas. This is nothing new and it will likely continue long after we are gone into the ashes of time. After all these elitists can have sex on demand. The world will never run short of young women who will give up their bodies for comforts. And still even young women at ones beck and call are not enough if you have them all the time or young men as well for gays and cougars.

I could go further down the rabbit hole of sexual perversions but I am confident I have gotten my point across and also confident that as adults you are familiar with many perversions even if you do not partake in them.

Putting the #pizzagate issue aside for a minute perhaps the narrative being pushed on this situation is the wrong one. Oh I’m not saying that the people involved shouldn’t be in prison that is not the narrative I’m talking about. The one I mean is the one demonizing the well to do. My guess it that if anyone reading this had the same opportunities for sexual encounters as say Madonna or Elvis ….. ah but for the grace of God. I think it is fair to say that many if not most people given the same opportunities would far just as fall down the well of perversions as even the politicians and Hollywood celebrities always have.

And that is what this Op-ed is about, sex.

Sex is the most sought after and most potentially destructive element in the lives of humans. It has pitted family members and best friends against each other. It is used to manipulate and blackmail. It is responsible for the deaths of millions of unborn humans. Its excesses have destroyed lives both literally and psychologically. It is the roots and cornerstone of slavery. It destroys careers and even nations. Is this the reason some religious beliefs regard sex as solely for procreation?

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t have sex or shouldn’t enjoy sex. Might as well cut the twig and berries off if no one is going to use it. Who needs that junk flopping and bouncing around all the time anyway. No sex is good but too much sex can be very bad and sex with people you’re not supposed to have sex with is even worse. It also must be pointed out that one of the reasons historians believe the Roman Empire fell was because of sexual perversions and then of course there was post WWI Germany where sexual perversions ruled the broken nation for years before someone put a stop to it.

What we have in the West is a serious problem with the moral fiber of the people in general regardless of what economic or political class they are in and the further we slip down this slippery slope the closer we are to our own demise (as almost occurred during the current regime in the U.S.). We have to change the narrative and the nations focus away from sex and toward some other goal. And as I have said many times before … as a nation we must return to church and do so every week so that we and our families can be reminded each week about what is right and what is wrong because obviously too many people think they know the difference but don’t. Does anyone really want to see America turn into the Berlin of post WWI?

It took a grass roots effort and independently thinking people to get Donald Trump elected president of the United States of America against all odds and it will take a grass roots effort to bring morality back to the nation. Not oppressive morality but morality that reminds us that having sex with children …. or goats ….. is bad.




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