Keep Your Feelings to Yourself!


I think every Trump supporter in the world is having a great time watching social justice warriors and progressive liberals melt down since the presidential election. I know I have and I’ve watched hours of them. Never in all my years have I seen such a pathetic display and it makes me wonder who the hell raised these people because somewhere along in their upbringing they missed one of lifes most important lessons.

When I was a kid it was stiff upper lip and chin up. No matter how you felt inside you were not to expose any weakness you might have to anyone much less the general public. And when I say anyone I mean especially not to your family, friends and lovers. Psychobabble would have you believe that “sharing” your feelings is somehow empowering (because they want your money) but the exact opposite is true. Exposing your weakness gives others a chance to exploit you by exploiting them and rest assured someone will come along to exploit you. It is human nature.

Have you ever seen one of those island funerals where the women are wailing and throwing themselves to the ground? I bet your first thought wasn’t how empowered those women were. Perhaps your first thought centered more around her ability to display any self control and perhaps even a sense of revulsion at having to witness such a display. And perhaps after 2 or 3 minutes of listening to that wailing you were thinking about smacking them in the back of the head with a 2 by 4 just to shut them up.

The thing is no one really cares about your fucking feelings anyway. Seriously they do not. They might very well pretend to give a shit and do a convincing job at it but in truth they have their own feelings to deal with and try to master and that trumps whatever extinction event issue you might be having. Not only do they not give a shit about your precious little feelings but they are repulsed by displays by others (including you). What gave you the right to disturb their tranquillity with your problems anyway.

This is what it means to be an adult. To own your own shit.To be responsible for your own life. To act …. like an adult. Part of being an adult is self control and also acceptance of things we cannot change and working with the grain instead of against it. This is what adults do because adults have more than their little feelings they have the example they must set for the upcoming generation in general and even more importantly for their own blood and legacy. When was the last time you saw anyone in a position of power come apart at the seams?

Displayed feelings is weakness. You might as well glue a neon sign on your forehead that you are a victim. And though that might not seem fair that is still the reality of this world and it isn’t going to change in your lifetime. Those feelings are yours and no one elses. Guard them with your life.



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