Don’t Prosecute Hillary


I know what you’re thinking (aside from the “I wanna kill this guy” thingy). There are laws for serfs but none for the ruling class right? Well that is correct and people of means have been getting away with things like murder forever so this is nothing new. This kinda makes sense if you consider that those who produce more should get more benefits that someone who does not. If you have enough money in America you can afford the best lawyers on planet earth and we all saw how that worked out for O.J. Simpson. Any poor or middle class person given the same circumstances would be lucky to be serving a life term.

But of course we also believe in justice and justice can take on many forms not just prison. Al Capone received the ultimate justice by dying of syphilis which was by far more humiliating and probably more painful than any prison sentence he might have served. The same with O.J. who got off for murdering his ex wife but ended up in prison anyway.

So how does Hillary pay for what she might have done? Ah karma don’t fail us now.

Let’s look at Hillarys life for a moment. Not her criminal life but the life she believes she led. Hillary Clinton spent her entire life grooming herself and consolidating power. From her college years until today she has always managed to put herself in the right place and in the right time. From failed attorney, to first lady, to senator of a state she hadn’t lived in prior to her running for that office, to finally Secretary of State. Everything Hillary did in her life was to set herself apart and acquire firsts as a woman to ensure her place as one of the greatest women in history. On November 8th 2016 it all came tumbling down.

Let’s not mince words here. The Democrats cheated in the election. This wasn’t the first time they cheated either in fact they have cheated in every election since 2008. On top of that the entire television news media (yes including FOX) was in Clintons back pocket. And heaped on top of all that, paid thugs of the Democrat Party were sent to Trump rallies in a fruitless attempt to get Trump supporters angry enough to lash out at them. Even after all this …. Hillary still lost and with that loss ended her dream of becoming the first woman President of the United States. An entire lifetime of scheming and plotting and abusing the system and in the end the prize she so desperately wanted and needed was stripped from her by …… a reality show host. Humiliations galore.

Hillary will spend the last few months or year(s) of her life knowing America didn’t want her and that millions of Americans actually wanted to see her in prison. She also destroyed in husbands legacy in the process. With one child out of wedlock that many think is as ugly as a blob fish the Clinton legacy has come to an end all under Hillarys watch.

We also have to be concerned about the country. These types of court cases can last years and would probably still be in the works when Clinton dies which may not be so far off as many believe. There is also no doubt that a prolonged Hillary trail would be such a distraction to the nation that most other things would get swept under the rug. Basically a Hillary trail would be humiliating to America, a major distraction, cost millions, and given the kind of money the Clintons have would likely end up in acquittal assuming Hillary survived it at all. And then there is the press who would spend every waking hour turning Trumps presidency into shit.

There is an old saying, “Sometimes you need to fish and sometimes you need to cut bait.” Unless Clinton can be directly tired to a murder or something on that level it is in all of our best interests to just let Hillary slowly disappear into obscurity. It is over. She is finished. Let’s move on and make America better than it ever was. One person isn’t worth the effort or the risk.



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