How the Press Failed Everyone


There is no question that during this campaign season every single national television news source lied. Every single one of them. Some news organizations were even helping the candidate of their choice cheat by providing that candidate the questions before debates. By selectively choosing what to omit, and by telling what they knew or should have known to be lies, the television news media made it clear right from the start that they were in charge of the narrative. Anything else was simply the grumbling of the unwashed masses. Let them eat cake.

By creating a false narrative of a landslide election in favor of Hillary Clinton, the media hoped to ensure Clintons crowning not just as president but as the nations “first” female president. The media likes firsts it sells and makes money. Constant attacks on Trump and anyone else who had a kind word to say about the President Elect taken from the progressive handbook of shouting bigotry, racism and sexism were obviously meant to guarantee a victory. Not to mention illegal voters and what appears to have been massive voter fraud all in favor of Mrs. Clinton.

You see what was supposed to happen was that Donald Trump supporters would realize they were supporting a loser and would rather stay at work or at home than waste their time on voting. Additionally Hillary would catch all the momentum from a winning campaign with people coming out in droves to support her over that monster Trump and this became a no brainer. Instead Trump supporters came out in droves, Hillary supporters stayed home, and all the cheating and lying couldn’t put progressive liberalism back together again.

Can you imagine how this election might have gone without all the narrative creating from the television news? Imagine candidates being held to a higher standard of behavior and calling any citizens racist, sexist, homophobic, or deplorable wasn’t tolerated by the press and didn’t get any air time. Of course those people who buy commercial time wouldn’t be overly thrilled with that prospect.

As it all turned out the television news media as a whole (yes including FOX and especially FOX) screwed the people they were trying to help and helped the people they were trying to screw. Both right and left should be angry but even though they were the ones who got screwed, leftists don’t seem very angry at the press. That is just plain weird (or masochistic).  The truth is neither side should trust the MSM ever again. They screw everyone.




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