Conservatives and The Arts


There is little doubt that pretty much throughout the history of the Arts the main benefactors (people paying the bills) have been people who tend to lean more to the right. If you believe progressive liberal propaganda the reason for this is because people on the right have all the money. Well maybe people on the right just have a good work ethic and achievable goals they have a reasonable plan to achieve. Perhaps just 2 differences of opinion but someone is paying $15 for a flat soda to get dressed up and pay people to entertain them live.  Unless they or a family member is actually in an orchestra ask almost any liberal who Yoyo Ma is and they will draw a complete blank. Who else is kicking out millions for paintings and statues?

And there’s the thing. If you’re a conservative you may be financially supporting people who conspire against you. Even if you don’t go to Broadway plays or buy fancy artwork the “Arts” are heavily subsidized by corporations you might be doing business with and your government on every level. And the vast majority of the people you find in the arts whether it is music or sculpture or canvas is progressive liberal. Why wouldn’t they be with all the entitlements they receive and that is true in every Western nation. They are going to get your money one way or another.

But your wallet being raped by your political enemies isn’t what this essay is about.

How many conservatives do you know personally who make their living through what is commonly considered the arts? Ok so I bet their are a few writers among you but how many full time sculptures, painters, stage actors, and classical musicians do you know personally and who have conservative points of view? I bet a lot of people reading this will say zero or try to include something else they consider to be an art form to my list.

Let’s be honest here we conservatives aren’t real keen on promoting the arts to our children as career opportunities. Second baritone horn in the cities orchestra doesn’t exactly buy you a house on a lake …. or even a house period for that matter. No we teach our kids about success through many a hard days work. We want our children to be successful so they don’t have to leech off us their entire lives and point them towards professions and trades that will ensure they never go hungry or have to extend their palms for handouts. Our kids become part of the often too silent majority.

Consequently the world of ideals has been pretty much taken over by the left and we keep paying for it. Now are we going to ever stop paying for it? Probably not. We are the hard working people of America and we deserve some entertainment dag nabbit.

So where is the solution? Perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to encourage at least a few more of our children to seek out the arts as careers. We are paying for it anyway. What? Conservatives are incapable of becoming actors or musicians or artists or writers? Oh contraire. I think that if our side put our minds to it we would not simply succeed but be the best at it. I know for a fact we are funnier and have a better sense of humor so where are all our conservative comedians? It isn’t like there is a limited amount of material to work with.

Bottom line: Conservatives need to become much more involved in the arts and not just by paying for them. We are rapidly becoming a world of ideas and we need ours to be heard.



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