It’s Time to Bring FB, Twitter, YouTube & Google to Heel!

Social media signs

Something very odd is happening on the internet. It isn’t good. I started my internet life in 1997 when I owned the net with my Macintosh Performa. Back then it was the most free place on the planet. One would not be totally inaccurate to compare it to Americas wild west of the past. In a few relatively short years we have gone from open frontier to global censorship. That is one hell of a leap. If you think about it the government (which mostly created the net) played a bait and switch on us. Initially the internet was touted for its freedom of expression and now that expression is rapidly disappearing and in exchange we have a very impersonal system none of us can live without. I kinda cringed when I typed that last line.

Social media has become a fully integrated part of modern society. For many their time is more real to them on social media than it is when they open their own front doors. Now that we have you hooked let the indoctrination begin. All of social media is the exchange of information and the more you limit and control that the more you become in control. This is exactly what is happening online now. Little by little bit by bit they are putting the squeeze on non politically correct exchanges of information … or expressions if you will.

This should be of grave concern to any person on the planet who believes that people do have inalienable rights and that one of those rights is the freedom and the liberty to express oneself as they see fit. To exchange information. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google (Google+) have conspired to put the squeeze on exchanges of information they deem unworthy by labeling them as “fakes”. What these social media sites are doing is behaving as a monopoly by manipulating the reach of “fake” whatever and by preventing advertisers from  supporting their endeavors. We have laws in the United States that protect us against such monopolistic behaviors and they should be used to bring these social media sites to heel.

Because the bottom line is they are all there is and they are all heavily active in censorship and population manipulation and this must stop right now.


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