It Is NEVER Over!


I’ve heard a few of my fans make statements to the effect that it is over. Donald J.Trump won the election fair and square and it is time to move on. Well actually Trump won, despite massive voter fraud and 3 million illegal immigrants illegally voting because the guy who swore to uphold and defend the Constitution as well as the law, told them they could because our government wasn’t about to do anything to stop them.

As much as I do understand and appreciate the “it’s over move on” ideal it is sadly the dumbest thing patriots can do at this point. The thing is, these people …. these communists will never stop. They haven’t stopped in over 100 years despite the fact that communism has failed for just as long. These people are no different than the zealots of Islam who have also never given up in their attempt to dominate the entire planet. And both groups feed on the young and poor and kind hearted and ignorant peoples of the world.

Freedom by anyone’s definition is a precious thing. For as long as man has been drawn to any type of community freedom has always been desired and yet it is rarer than the rarest thing you can think of. How many people in the world today can actually claim to be free? Forget about Europe those people do not have freedom of expression or even the right to defend themselves against….whomever. In almost every country on planet earth the citizens are little more than slaves to the state behaving as the state dictates and in many ways being taken care of by the state. This is not freedom.

And then there is The United States of America thought of by many as the beacon of freedom and liberty. Though it is true that many Americans are also slaves like most other citizens of the world they are slaves by choice giving up what individual freedoms they may have to feed at the troth of the working class and the wealthy. Few in the world have a choice when it comes to their own enslavement. In the minds of communists this cannot stand. America must be destroyed and it almost was. There are 2 reasons that this did not happen the first being that they underestimated the American people and jumped just a little too soon and second because what Obama and his ilk didn’t seem to realize is that without bipartisan congressional support anything you do with a phone and a pen is only temporary. Obamacare did not help the cause either.

We can see in the streets of America today that communists like George Soros (that is exactly what he is) will never give up, never stop funding radicals, never stop trying to destroy America. Not to mention that there is a group of people (whose name cannot be spoken) who believe that their only path to survival is through the destruction and turmoil of everyone else and whose roots in communism is undeniable. You see their influence in the TV news media every day spreading lies and disinformation.

It is not over. It will never be over. And every time we stop paying attention, stop fighting back, and just move on our enemies grow stronger. Just look at the progress they have made in just a few decades. Our schools are teaching that communism might be good and capitalism is definitely bad and this is going on across the whole country. Killing Common Core will not put an end to the communist indoctrination our children face in school every day. It will continue tomorrow, the next day, next month, and next year and beyond because now those ideals are so entrenched in the public school system that you would have to literally fire the entire nations educational staff and start from scratch. And we wonder why these millennials seem to lack critical thinking skills and are emotional wrecks.

The fight has only begun people. Electing Donald Trump was our last hope but even if he becomes the greatest president ever he can’t do it alone. He needs our help. He needs our diligence. He needs us to keep doing what we have been doing for the last year and a half and if we want him to be able to save this nation we need to do it. Whatever it takes.

We dodged a bullet that should have been dodged in 2008 and the big gun of communism is never going to stop shooting at us. We gotta keep on dodging. The only way we can proceed is to be proactive in everything that has to do with our country.

The weight of the world is on our shoulders. Leading by example will set the world free. But the slavers aren’t going to take one moments break and they are coming for all of us. We can never fall asleep at the wheel again.



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