The Clock is Ticking on Isis.



It would be difficult at this point to deny that the Obama regime never had any intention of destroying Isis. The only way anyone can believe that the current regime made any real effort at all against these horrible demons, one must also believe that the United States of America is incapable of defeating Isis in the first place. Or perhaps American lives have become so precious that we cannot afford the risk of someone getting hurt or killed. Tell that to anyone who has ever been in a Sherman tank in war time or better yet tell that to someone who was responsible for refurbishing them when they became damaged in battle.

Some argue that Isis is actually a creation of the Obama regime. Without a doubt Obamas announced and early withdraw from Iraq created a vacuum and an atmosphere for a fundamental Islamic group to form. But there was more. Isis is almost completely armed with American weapons. Guns, trucks, SAMs, tanks (yeah tanks), all supplied by the good ole USA. So you create a vacuum, announce when you’ll be creating it, and leave plenty of equipment behind. I might have been born in the back of a turnip truck but it wasn’t yesterday.


But fortunately for the people in the Middle East Donald Trump was elected president. The good news for the world is that Trump will likely work with Putin to destroy Isis once and for all starting the long process of having good relations with Russia. Imagine the United States and Russia trying to get along with each other. That would be something to live long enough to see.

The bottom line though is that Trump will without a doubt give Isis our full measure whether others want to be part of it or not. I have a funny feeling many other countries will be eager to follow Trump. The alternative is being humiliated by Trump. Ask Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz what that is like.  Trump doesn’t treat people he feels screwed him well. It doesn’t really matter the United States can take Isis and we have a moral and ethical responsibility to do so. One way or another the days of terror, torture, and murder at the hands of Isis will be coming to an end and you can bet your bottom dollar that if they spring up anywhere else like in Asia or Africa Trump will be sending the troops to deal with them. If our troops aren’t there to fight evil then wtf are they there for?


My advice to you goat fuckers in the Middle East who have been riding the crest of the wave for much too long now …. do what the Japanese do disembowel yourselves. Do it for Allah. Do it for Muhammad! Do it because you will fail and fail Allah and Muhammad. Just do it. And don’t be a coward by taking others with you just do it you alone …. like a man.



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