Liberals are 100% Right about Trump!


Dear Progressive Liberals:

It’s time to come clean with you. Yes you’ve been right all along about Donald J. Trump. Trump is without a doubt a racist, a misogynist, a sexist, a sexual predator,  homophobic, and like you’ve been saying for months The Donald is literally Hitler! I’m serious he is. And here’s a shocker for you (well maybe not so shocking) all the people who voted for Donald Trump (and we all know it was just a bunch of white men) knew that Trump was literally Hitler.

Well duh of course we knew he was Hitler. We’ve been planning this for decades. I mean come on now we conservatives aren’t very good actors (look how few of us are in Hollywood) you must have known we were just pretending not to like Trump. Some of us anyway. We needed to make sure you thought Hillarys election was in the bag so some of you would stay home and not go out and vote. Oh and it worked like a charm. Did you see how many Blacks and snowfl…I mean millennials stayed home. We put our evil Nazi plan into motion and it worked perfectly.

As I was saying you are absolutely right about Trump being literally Hitler and yes all his voters (men) knew that and now your worst fears are about to come true. Now we can finally take out our brown shirts and do what needs to be done. It is time our opposition is brought to heel! On the night of our new Presidents inauguration you’ll see the first of us starting to patrol American streets marching side by side as we secure our streets from the Frankfurt School plague that has infested our nation. First the illegals, then the Muslims, the communists, the socialists, the social justice warriors, the feminists, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, homosexuals and anyone else whose views or lifestyle are affronts to the common good.

If you cannot secure employment you will be sent to a labor camp where you can be a productive member of society. Smut peddlers will be round up and made to answer for their crimes of degrading the sanctity of womanhood. Women who have abortions will be treated like any other murderer and will stand trial and be incarcerated for her crime like any other cold stone killer. There will be guidelines for proper behavior and appearance. We will no longer allow girls and young women to be seen in public places looking like common street walkers. We WILL have ORDER!

This is what we voted for. This is what we knew would be coming if Trump won. This is what the majority of American voters want to see done and they want to see it done NOW!

So here’s the question I have for my progressive liberal friends. Are you fucking retarded or what? This is the bullshit you’re trying to convince relatively sane Americans to believe. The fact that you believe it is frightening enough but the fact that you think you can convince others to believe it just shows how deep your mental problems really go. It is time for the loons to go back into the institution. That is really all Americans voted for.



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