America Dodged a Bullet


It was a landslide. How do we know it was a landslide? There were reports all across the country about mass voter fraud from Florida to Pennsylvania to Illinois and beyond. The markets  also believed the fix was in at the last minute and believed this right up until votes started coming in and then it tanked. It was then we knew that no matter how much voter fraud had taken place it was unable to prevent the inevitable. In the end the people had had enough of 8 years of socialist globalism. The people were sick of the corruption in Washington. People were sick of endless wars and not enough jobs. And finally America wasn’t going to allow the nation to be taken over by hordes of illegals whose only real purpose in America was to loot her of her wealth and send the loot back to whatever hell hole they came from.

A Clinton victory would have meant the end of the Republic. It would have become a one party totalitarian nightmare with illegals and “refugees” who have no real understanding of politics, economics, or Americas traditions and constitution raping our constitution. Early on in the morning of November 9th the American people saved themselves from a disaster that there was no recovering from. Clearly Americans aren’t as stupid as many believed they were.

The nightmare is over. Obama’s regime and his policies will soon be gone like a fart in the wind and the only “legacy” the Muslim in Cheat will be remembered for in the history books is that he was Black …. and that his regime lead the most divisive time in American history. All that he has done will be undone.

And let’s not forget about political correctness and social justice warriors. Their time is done. The mainstream media has been completely exposed and even if they tried to keep certain movements alive none will listen. In fact the time of progressive liberalism is over rejected by a people who spent much too long under its yoke. We are not sweeping the filth under the rug we are picking it up and putting it in the garbage can where it belongs.

Trumps election will have ramifications world wide. Say goodbye to globalism as once again America leads the way to freedom and liberty. Because of our example and the example of the British exiting the European Union other peoples, especially in Europe will be empowered by what they have witnessed here today. South America, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and on every other corner of Gods green earth people will know that it is we, Joe and Jane main street that wield the real power.

Change is coming people and not just in America. Hallelujah!




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