So You are Voting for Hillary?


If you’re considering voting for Hillary Clinton during this presidential election we need to have a little talk. Personally I’m at a loss. I just can’t understand why at this point anyone would vote for Hillary except perhaps illegal aliens, Muslims, globalists, and anyone else who hates America. Do you hate America? I think this is a pretty legitimate question that you should be asking yourself.

How do you think the rest of the world is going to react if Clinton actually wins. This election isn’t being held in a vacuum the entire world is looking on. The entire world has seen the Wikileaks e-mails. The entire world has seen the Project Veritas Action videos. The entire world has watched as Hillary Clinton has come under investigation by the F.B.I. twice. The entire world wonders how the Clintons got so rich when all they ever did was work for the “public.”

The world sees Hillary Clinton as a criminal at worst and a corrupt politician at best and this is the image of America you want the world to see? Seriously?

Now the truth is, if you are reading this because you’re thinking of voting for Hillary the odds are higher than normal that you are a woman. You probably voted for Obama twice or if you were too young to vote would have. What has the Obama regime done to make your life better? Is welcoming men into your public bathrooms a good thing? Are all these unemployed men a good thing?


More important what is Hillary going to do for you? Inviting the same people into America that are raping European women left and right is a good thing? It must be why else would you even consider voting for someone who wants to open our boarders. And taking about open boarders is this also a Clinton policy you’ll be able to wrap your head around? I mean forget about all the unemployment it will cause or the strain on the governments coffers (which is your money BTW). Hillary doesn’t think much of the first or second amendments to the Constitution do you think the Constitution is just a worthless old document that doesn’t mean anything anymore?


Think about what you’d be voting for here. More taxes lots more taxes to pay for all the new programs she claims she wants and for all those invaders …. sorry “dreamers”. Less jobs to go with that higher tax rate and Clintons own campaign staff had to admit that nothing she has promised so far will create any jobs, just more debt.

And then there is the question of war. Hillary is really good at war look what she accomplished in Libya and Syria and Iraq. Great wars lots of killing women and children and to hear Hillary talk of it we can expect at least 2 more wars one with Iran (who she has promised she will attack as soon as she is inaugurated) and another with Russia just because. Obviously if you love war Clinton is your gal but have you thought about the ramifications of those wars she speaks of and how easily they can unfold into global nuclear warfare?

But Hillary is a woman so that makes it all ok right?

The last couple of times you thought it was time for America to be led by a Black man. It didn’t matter that he had never held a real job. It didn’t matter that his name sounded like a Muslim terrorist. It didn’t matter that he had no experience running anything but a campaign. And it didn’t matter how much he lied to everyone. And if you think Obamas regime was anything more than a complete disaster you just haven’t been paying attention. Historians will not be kind to him.

And finally the rape accusation. Several women have come forward claiming Bill Clinton raped them. Hillary Clinton got a pedophile off of rape charges involving a 12 year old girl by making it appear as if the girl wanted it. Hillary herself has been accused of rape by at least one women. And then there is the pedophile island Bill and Hillary so often like to visit where teenage girls are used by wrinkly old people like Bill and Hillary. At best Hillary is an enabler to her husbands rapes and at worst she is a rapist herself.


This is what you are going to be voting for. At least 4 more years of the same. Has the same really been all that good for you? Is a future under Hillary Clinton the one you want to impose on your family, friends and neighbors? You do realize that if Hillary wins there is no going back yes? Because there isn’t. The decision you make on Tuesday will determine what will happen to this country in the future. Your children’s future.

There is nothing worse than being a mother or a grandmother and being cursed by your children or grandchildren. If you deliver them unto this evil they will come to realize who did it to them and there will be a price to pay. Are you willing to take that risk just to see a woman president in this particular election cycle? Because I can tell you right now honey if Clinton does win the election you’d better convert to Islam because the men in your life will have had just about enough of you at that point.



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