Slavery Works


Slavery has been getting a pretty bum rap for the last 150 years or so. For most if not all of mankinds existence slavery has been as alive and well as it is today and it is alive and well today. It will be alive and well long after we are gone  and like in the past and even today slavery spans all four corners of the globe (that’s right the earth isn’t just flat it’s a square). Regardless of the species, consistent behavior becomes an imprintable part of that creatures genes. If mankind has been under the yoke of slavery for its entire existence then being a slave must be considered what a human is as with some insects where the male survives under complete servitude.

For many slavery can also be a much better option than say starving in the street. Food, shelter, clothing, maybe even a little medical attention here and there is a pretty good thing in most parts of the world. Many people arrived to the new world during Americas seeding as willing if not eager slaves. Anthony Johnson the man responsible for making slavery legal for a time in America wanted to leave his native Congo for the new world and paid for the trip by becoming an indentured servant. Clearly he has no issues with owning people as he owned others after his term of indentured servitude ended. He was Black.

How many have fantasies about sexual slavery?

In an online simulation game called Second Life anyone can do just about anything they could possibly dream up. It is a free user driven world that can be anything you want it to be. When you put adults in an online program with those kind of boundaries trouble is guaranteed to ensue. The “adult” areas of this “game” have every kink you could possibly imagine and sexual slavery is likely one of the most popular areas of the game. These are lifelike looking avatars having kinky and nasty sex and living lives in a world where sex is at least in theory the focus (as opposed to the reality of lots of lame pointless conversations when someone is actually speaking out in the open).

In the BDSM and related worlds where there are Masters, Mistresses, subs and slaves there is and always has been a shortage of Masters and Mistresses. The numbers aren’t even close the vast majority of people who play in this area of the game want to be submissive. No one is making them play a submissive role and because there are very few dominants being a submissive means a lot of quiet time with nothing to do but sometimes gab with other submissives. They wait sometimes hours or days for a chance to serve someone. You’d think there would be more people wanting to dominate others instead.

In John Normans fantasy novels about a place called counter earth or Gor, our planet, Earth is referred to as “the slave planet.”

The point obviously is that humans have an odd tolerance for being someone elses property. Like marriage. Those rings you put on your fingers might as well be going around your throats. But that’s cool when it is the right kind of slavery people can be happy.

How about prostitutes and pimps. We have come to glorify this type of relationship but there is no question that this is a Master/slave relationship. The woman or more often young and most often White girl either eagerly surrenders her freedom to or is forced to serve her more often than not Black master. He takes everything she earns renting her sexual skills out to strangers and she is housed, clothed, and fed.

The world was running just fine on slavery before Western Civilization decided it was dirty somehow. For the poor slavery provided the necessities and a purpose. For the conquered it provided life. It was for the most part a win win situation.

Look what slavery has given to the world on every continent, on every land, in every country slavery has served mankind well and helped us grow as a species.

In the bible God doesn’t seem to object to slavery much at least until Jesus came along. Muslims believe fully in the institute of slavery and there are a lot more Muslims than there are Americans. Having a Muslim president who is letting a flood of Muslims into America means that in the not too distant future, maybe 50 years slavery might just be coming back to America.

So maybe it is time to start learning to adapt once more to the inevitable and take a second look at slavery. Especially White people who will soon be the minority in every country they used to call theirs. Probably Blacks too.

It is what it is folks. Slavery is alive and well and here to stay. If you’re still bitching about what happened 2 or 300 years ago you just aren’t paying attention.


2 thoughts on “Slavery Works

  1. As usual darn good writing my friend, and let the truth be known. I enjoy posting your stuff on my FB and G+ pages and I know many are taking it in even though they don’t respond. Keep it coming, The pen is still mightier then the sword……..but I do have a sword just in case I can’t find my pen…..hahahahahah. D.S.

    On Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 4:16 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” Slavery has been getting a pretty bum rap for the last > 150 years or so. For most if not all of mankinds existence slavery has been > as alive and well as it is today and it is alive and well today. It will be > alive and well long after we are gone and lik” >

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