Who is the Real Huma Abedin


Anyone who ever gets good at sales learns how to properly read people for no other reason than it is a required sales skill as the salesman’s ability to earn depends on it. Some salespeople do this consciously looking for small details that say more about the person than the facade we all put up, and others just get lucky a lot or have some inner aura or whatever. I’m good enough at this where I only need to hear someones voice for a few seconds or just take a quick glance and them. It isn’t magic as much as experience and I know exactly what to look for or listen for. That being said the following assessment of Huma Abedin is based largely on that skill and of course knowledge I have picked up about the woman from several news articles.

First let’s deal with the Muslim issue. Huma is a Muslim woman who married a Jew. That isn’t exactly a common scenario. Jews who date Muslims are shunned in Israel and we all know how batshit crazy Muslims are with their xenophobia. There is no question that Huma has close ties to her family (she kept her last name) and that members of her family support Hamas. That doesn’t make her an evil bitch. This woman has grown up in a culture in which the female is absolutely submissive. Submissive not to just men but to other older women in their family. From birth she has been taught absolute obedience and this is the core of who Ms. Abedin really is.

Submissive women tend to be very loyal as we can see from at least her initial reaction to her husbands perversions online. I suspect that she did not leave him for his extra marital diversions but rather that he became incapable of financially supporting her and his child. Surely political pressure was a part of that but I believe a very minor part given that her bosses husband is every bit as much of a pervert as the Wiener. I also noted that after Tony lost his career in politics he seemed to turn pretty submissive himself. Two submissives in the same household will never survive long term.

If you watch Huma and Tony at home you’ll see two very obvious tells as to why their relationship failed. First the Wiener is completely addicted to the computer. You can see for yourself his facial expression change as his eyes turn Gollum like as he sits before his precious. While he sits there transformed into the Hobbit gone psycho Huma stands there with her arms very close to her body as if she is hugging herself trying to convince herself everything is alright. Yet even as she metaphorically hugs herself her facial expressions display how upset she is with him and his behavior around his computer. She is not a happy woman.

In essence Huma Abedin is a pet girl. Chasing after her Mistress Hillary Clinton tending to her every need and doing her best to protect her in any way she can even at the cost of her own well being. She was a pet girl to her family and she was a pet girl to her husband while he was still capable of displaying and projecting strength. If Clinton cuts her loose and from what the news has been saying that could be likely, Ms. Abedin will be a destroyed pet girl with no one to own her and no one to follow blindly through the gates of hell. She will be for the first time in her entire life alone and unowned. I feel sorry for her.



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