Trump is Going to Lose


Anyone remember how in the not too distant past our Criminal in Cheat gave away Americas control of the internet? Given the attention span of most Americans you probably don’t. When it was going down most of you didn’t do a thing because you were waiting for someone else to do it. Well no one else came and saved the internet for freedoms sake so now it is gone ….. forever.

I think about all of the abuses of government on the people over the last 15 or so years and I can’t help wondering how different things might have turned out if Americans did something before these abuses occurred. Why is there still a patriot Act?

Activity on my Trump 2016 page has dropped significantly. With almost 2,500 followers and a month away from the election this should not be occurring and though Google+ can take much of the blame for that, they can’t take all of the blame. When people do actually share something I have posted on the page it is most often a cartoon or meme. I have seen incredibly important news stories go completely ignore with maybe one or 2 likes.

I think people see the turnout for Trump rallies and think it is over. If it looks like a landslide why bother. Then there are the people who have been snowed by the Democrats biggest political action committee ie. the mainstream media. We are so gullible as a people.

For whatever the reason is my read on my own group is that they will do about as much to elect Trump as they did to stop the internet giveaway. Oh sure there are between 10-20 people in my group who fought to keep the internet, read and share important stories, and do everything they think they can to get Trump elected but there is a much larger group who doesn’t even bother to read the stories assuming whatever sensational headline that is attached IS the story. Over the last month or so I have found myself asking some of my followers several times, “did you even read the story?” to which of course they have to admit they did not especially when their idiotic comments don’t match the article at all.

Well I got news for you kiddies. It was YOUR fault that the internet is no longer under our control. It is YOUR fault that things are as bad as they are in America right now. And it will be YOUR fault when Hillary “The Butcher of Benghazi” Clinton is elected president.

You get the government you deserve.



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