What if Hillary Wins?


I hear a lot of crazy talk about what might happen if Donald J. Trump becomes President from WWIII to civil collapse but I haven’t seen anyone ask what would really happen if Hillary Rodham Clinton was elected President. No I mean really elected. What do you think would happen once the projections were made on mainstream media?

I don’t think things would go too well because frankly I think every Trump supporter would believe that the election had been fixed. Why wouldn’t they? Trump rallies put major rock concerts to shame. People line up for blocks and sometimes miles to attend a Trump event. Often thousands of people have to be turned away from his events. Even Trumps V.P. pick is packing them in and what is the response at Clinton Rallies? Well first of all the only people she seems interested in are wealthy foreign financial contributors. She doesn’t do very many rallies and the ones she does hold can’t fill a high school gymnasium. Why would anyone in their right mind think she had a chance in hell of winning seeing this spectacle?

The real question is how would the people of the United States react. Do you think that suddenly there would be a consensus and the people would be more trusting of government and media? Obviously not. Would this be enough in the long  train of abuses and usurpations for at least some of these people to very seriously consider seceding from the Union or even overthrowing the government? An increase in militia and militia activity?  There is no question that, speculation aside, there would be push-back if Hillary is announced the winner. A Japanese Admiral once called the people of these United States a sleeping giant. Rue is the day that giant awakes.

If someone comes to you making claims that Trump will usher in WWIII you might want to remind them that if America isn’t around anymore “What difference does it make?”

Because make no mistake Americans wouldn’t take that scenario laying down.


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