Regulate the Media!


Americas federal government regulates the lives of Americans down to the smallest detail. If you think that isn’t true just try starting your own business or home schooling your child. When it comes to your kids…..”your kids”…..the federal government fills the role of the nosy controlling mother in law. Government by definition is oppression so we can’t get too excited when we discover that there are parts of America where collecting rain water is a crime.

With all the regulations the government oppresses the people with, isn’t it rather amazing that the press has no regulations on its content?  Now I know what your thinking ….”censorship.” You know like what Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ does. But you could be mistaken.

Does having a warning label on a pack of smokes or a bottle of booze stop anyone from enjoying these products? What if media and especially the press were held to the same standards as a pack of cigarettes? Let’s take FOX News just as an example. FOX News likes to pretend that it supports conservatism but in truth supports open boarders. What if they had to disclose that every time they ran a story on immigration? What if CNN or MSNBC had to disclose that their “news” stories had a leftist slant? What if Schindlers List had to display the word “fiction” in big bold letters before the movie started so people wouldn’t falsely assume that anything in that movie other than the mans name was real?

The problem in America is some people can’t tell the truth from a lie anymore. They can’t tell when someone is lying or holding back information. Because of that We the People could use a little help from out federal government (which would be a nice change from the government just oppressing us) in the form of strict content disclosure regulation for both entertainment and news media.

You’d think honest journalists, reporters and movie makers would welcome such regulations and any regulations that would support truth and transparency.


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