According to what former 1st Lady (ahem) Trump is a deadbeat when it comes to the taxes he owes. Implying that Trump uses the sleaziest methods to avoid paying taxes he rightfully owes, Clinton looked smug as she dealt what she clearly believed to be a fatal blow to the Trump. Claiming that someone owes taxes requires proof. What it really boils down to is did he owe the taxes and how do we know what he did owe?

Everyone owes taxes right? Well no they don’t. About half of all the people living in America pay no taxes at all. They make no direct contribution to our federal government. They have no skin in the game yet they keep demanding more. So if some (near 1/2) pay no taxes at all to the IRS how do we determine who does and who does not pay taxes? Well of course we have laws and if someone has not been convicted of the crime of not having paid their IRS taxes it must be accepted that the man is innocent of such crimes until proven otherwise in a court of law as this is one of the fundamental cornerstones of this nation. Not to mention that Donald Trump isn’t facing any prosecution from any federal or governmental agency accusing him of not paying his taxes.

Clinton is desperately trying to create a story where there is none.

How did Trump get away with not owing taxes? Shall we all pretend that we aren’t taking every advantage the system has to offer that we are aware of? We don’t deduct our bills and expenses and donations when we can? I would think anyone who pays taxes would understand this and the only people who don’t ….. don’t pay taxes (probably don’t work full time either).

If you are smart you can deduct almost everything. The government has a huge amount of tax loopholes designed to get businesses and people to spend their money the way the government wants you to spend it. If the company spend enough of its money on things the government wants them to spend it on and gives enough to charities, the government assumes that that company has fulfilled its obligation to the nation for the year and they can easily end up paying nothing to the IRS. That is the law. This is the game the government expects us to play with it where the smart ones pay nothing or more correctly spend their tax money the way they want to, and the dumb ones pay the first price they hear.

So do you want a smart president or one that is boastful about being dumb.



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