Hillary: Sick or Sad?

HIllary Clinton Speaks At The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Awards Gala
WASHINGTON, DC – SEPTEMBER 15: Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during the Congressional Hispanic Caucus InstituteÕs 39th Annual Gala Dinner on September 15, 2016 in Washington, DC. Hillary Clinton is beginning to campaign again after taking three days off the trail to recover from pneumonia. Clinton is campaigning in North Carolina and Washington D.C. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Anyone who tries to make the claim that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a poor performance at the first Presidential debate is in denial. I was impressed. I was impressed that both she and her podium didn’t take a major tumble during the debate. Though there was a bit of empty space during her presentation, it wasn’t a remotely unusual amount for anyone speaking in public at any age.

But …..

What everyone seemed to miss was Hillary’s admission that she took off an entire week of the campaign trail to prepare for the debate. Why does everyone seem to be missing that? First she’s fine, then she has the flue and finally it is Trumps fault. She couldn’t have possibly gone out on the campaign trail continuing to draw crowds of hundreds and be ready to keep her head above water when debating the Master.

Whether Mrs. Cuckold has been deathly ill for the past couple of few weeks or …. as she now claims was preparing for the debate neither scenario makes her look very good. If she is ill she will not be able to conduct the business of the Presidency simple as that. If she took time off from her campaign trail to debate Trump while Trump does 1-3 per day almost every day and still manages to hold his own through an obvious cold or at least sniffles of his own …. then it is painfully obvious that Trump is the boss in that room not Clinton. Further Clinton should have known that saying she was off the trail to practice debating The Donald couldn’t possibly make her look good. Ever! Clearly it is not just e-mails that the former First Lady has difficulties keeping secret.

So is Hillary out on the campaign trail today or does she need to go back into hiding for medical care or practice debating Donald J. Trump?

As far as Mr. Trumps performance goes …. he reminds me of a chess player who lets his opponent do well at first while he measures him up while helping his opponent feel confident. I have a feeling the best is yet to come.


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