RMS Lusitania: The Ship that Changed the World


We scoff at members of Hamas for using civilians as shields especially children. When we hear stories about Palestinians or others, hiding rockets in schools, hospitals and libraries their evolution comes into question. What kinds of animals do such things? We display moral outrage yet hiding your war behind woman and children isn’t anything new and for the United States and England it wasn’t so long ago.

In 1915, 128 Americans  were lost at sea because they had been the unwitting shields in a covert arms program between The United States and Great Britain during a war America was not supposed to be involved in. Only 128 people had to die to thrust America into a war the people wanted as much as the plague.

Someone wanted to go to war pretty badly to make such a huge deal out of 128 lives to the point that a country had to enter a war that had been raging for years and was almost over. Someone would have to fuel some rage and a lot of it.

The RMS Lusitania which had briefly been the worlds largest passenger liner, had been ferrying munitions or at least it was on the day it was sunk by a German Submarine. It was also traveling without an escort of any kind which leads many historians into believing that it was supposed to be sunk all along. A bait ship.

By this time the Rothschilds and various other European bankers had already made their deal with England to acquire Israel for the Zionists. America was to be brought into the war and a red flag event would have been the most logical way to do it. Why else would a passenger ship of the statue of the RMS Lusitania not have a military escort in a war zone and why would the lives of women and children be put at such risk for what amounts to a shipload of bullets?

As far as covert operations are concerned this was about as good as it was going to get. Except for perhaps blowing up a skyscraper no other contrived event could have been blown from a molehill into a mountain by even the sleaziest of periodicals. There just weren’t passenger planes with 300 people on them back then. People were still using horse and buggy as the common for of transportation. You just couldn’t kill any more people than that at once back then without just mowing them down with a machine gun in large groups.

Doesn’t it seem that the media even back then would have wanted peaceful settlements to problems as opposed to rushing to war? War kills a whole lot more that 128. Were you going to send your kids off to war over 128 deaths that happened in a war zone on a British ship? And with a media not trying to inflame the situation it could have been defused without much effort.

However to inflame the population enough to demand we go to war takes a lot of effort.

And so like Benjamin Freedman said the press got to work and vilified the same Germany they had but months before been praising so that America joined the war effort and money was no object.

You can call the incident with the German submarine and the passenger liner a conspiracy or a series of happenstance but what cannot be denied is that  RMS Lusitania and U-20, the submarine involved in her sinking were responsible for over 30 years of conflict across western Europe.

Makes the Titanic story seem a little lame doesn’t it.


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