Social Media Tyranny


I find it appalling that social media sites such as Facebook (#facebook), Twitter (#twitter), Google+ (#google+) and others feel as if they have the right to ask for my cell phone number. Who the hell do these people think they are anyone. They ask, no they demand that you release your most sensitive information that you possess for the privilege of trolling their advertisement ladened sites. If you don’t produce your cell phone number they use that to threaten your account and delete your account over things that you post that may not soother their progressive sensibilities.

I have never nor will I ever give a social media site any real information on myself.

Yahoo just had a security breech that involved 500 million accounts. How many of those accounts contained real personal information? If it was only one that is too many and for what a free email account? We use free email accounts to give us anonymity not expose ourselves to the hackers of the world. We use social media sites for much the same reason. Our anonymity ensures our ability to express ourselves freely and promotes freedom of expression. Being forced to cough up your cell phone number for that privilege ensures that the sites administrators can curb your inalienable freedom of expression rights. Remember inalienable rights come from our creator not the government and certainly not owners of a social media site.

No some might say that since these sites are privately owned they can do whatever they want but since they all do it without exception this reeks of conspiracy and if they all do it this also means freedom of expression cannot exist online. What is the point of having a social media site in the first place if people are punished for being social? And we all know these sites all do that. They tweak the narrative to put forth their own political agenda which is most often at odds with Americas traditional values.

The point of my rant is this … do NOT give your cell number to anyone online unless you are making an online purchase and even then you should be using a prepaid card. The internet can be a dangerous place and social media sites are more interested in farming you for information they can use and/or sell than protecting you against hostile forces.


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