Feminism is for Idiots


I wonder if most women really understand the damage done to womanhood by the feminist movement. The nesters and nurturers have been replaced by clerks and factory workers. I doubt that was anyones dream. I’m sure when the feminist movement was and is pitched it is all so much more glamorous than that. Women are to become CEO’s, corporate lawyers, or owners of quaint little shops that sell quaint little items that just sell themselves. Life is wonderful, prince charming does whatever he is told and there is an exotic British nanny raising the kids. Oh and did I mention the pool boy Orlando her secret Latin lover?

Instead mommy comes home beat and exhausted from a job that has become nothing more than a grind with coworkers she can’t stand, daddy’s long gone, and her oldest boy has decided to become a woman and her youngest daughter a lesbian both of whom will still be living with mom when they are 35. Or she doesn’t have kids and instead is passed along a string of bad boys who treat her like the piece of shit she feels like inside. Thank you feminism. Not to mention feminism embraces the same people who want to kill you if you dishonor a man or are raped.

Before feminism things weren’t bad for women. Men placed them on pedestals caring for them and taking on the financial responsibility for them and their children. Women stayed home to be with her children and care for the home. And the children grew up to be responsible adults and leave the nest as soon as they could to make their fortunes and their mark on the legacy of the family by having their own.

What do we have today? A very large percentage of women in their 30’s and 40’s living alone and an even larger percentage not married. Our kids never leave the house and when we send them to college they behave like kindergartners not adults. The feminist mother isn’t respected by her adult children she is tolerated for enabling them to remain in a perpetual state of arrested development. And odds are one or more of mommys male “friends” will end up molesting one if not all of her daughters.

And as bad as all this sounds for women and children it will likely get so much worse before it ever gets better. Why? Because women are idiots. It’s true. Anyone trying to tell you that women are as intelligent as men are even bigger idiots. The most critical thinking exercise in the world is the game of Chess ….. name one great female chess player. You don’t have to remember her name just say what country she came from. What hemisphere? Clearly the point here is that there aren’t any. There aren’t many females in any discipline that require critical thinking skills and the more of these skills needed for the job the less female applicants. They know what they are.

As far as men are concerned it is their duty to protect women from bad outside influences but mostly from themselves. Left to their own devices women will cause harm to their own lives and everyone elses around them. What has unfolded over the last several decades is proof positive of that. In every country that promotes feminist values that country is currently in crisis…..coincidence? I think not. The oldest story in the world describes what some call “first sin” where a woman did not or could not obey even God and every human who came after Eve suffered for her behavior. Coincidence? I think not.

The feminist movement has created no great life for women. This movement has released the woman from the shackles of child bearing and household chores and delivered her to the chains of corporate slavery. The family and the meal she so proudly labored over at dinner time has been replaced with a frozen microwave delight with lowered cholesterol and more fiber, a glass of cheap wine, and the Hallmark Channel where she can watch the Utopian life feminism keeps promising her.

Feminism has taken the woman and turned her into a mildly effeminate man.

You’re living the dream girls.




One thought on “Feminism is for Idiots

  1. I can’t help but nervously laugh because you have nailed it big time ! I see it all around me for the past 40 years ! And now with all the old worn out hags here in Florida with a dozen cats because no man wants them with their baggage and knowing they are nothing less then angry gold diggers with fake tits, liposuction cottage cheese thighs, beer guts, etc…….it’s very sad when you see their kids getting out of jail or the local safe house or addiction clinic. So much for that big bad man who just needed a well cooked meal at the end of the day and to see the kids chipping in with the chores…………it’s a new world baby? dave s.

    On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 1:57 PM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” I wonder if most women really understand the damage done > to womanhood by the feminist movement. The nesters and nurturers have been > replaced by clerks and factory workers. I doubt that was anyones dream. I’m > sure when the feminist movement was and is pi” >

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