Black Celebrities: No F’s Given


Beyonce Knowels and Jay Z have given thousands of dollars to BLM. Black football players refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Black Hollywood celebrities and sports celebrities and politicians consistently complain about the conditions and lack of opportunities in Black centric communities. The question I have to ask myself is “Do they really care about their fellow Blacks or is it just a attention whore tool?”

All these celebrities are multi millionaires. They live lavish lifestyles most White Americans can barely imagine so racist America has been very good to them.

What do these millionaires do with their money? Do they invest their money in the inner cities? Do they open businesses and education centers to lift up other Blacks? Do they behave in a way that shows that they believe their own rhetoric about sharing the wealth?

Hell no they don’t.

Black celebrities spend their money on mansions, fleets of cars, bling, travel, hoes, partying etc. Even the ones who do try and contribute to the Black community only spend a meager amount of their fortunes doing anything for “their” people. Can you imagine the difference these multi millionaires could make in the lives of Blacks who live in the inner cities if they actually did open free education centers and businesses that employ poor Blacks?

Instead people like Beyonce and her husband flood thousands of dollars into “movements” that make Blacks look like stupid, irrational, and violent niggers. These people have done more to push Blacks down than lift them up enabling Blacks with questionable mental stability to go on violent crime sprees.

Black celebrities don’t give a fuck about Black people! They never have.


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