The Truth about European Socialism


I can’t help but laugh every time I hear a progressive liberal talk about socialism in Europe. The level of absolute ignorance from these mental midgets is astounding. Hearing them talk about it socialism is Utopia but it is about as far away from Utopia as anyone with a brain can figure out both historically and in modern times.

Socialism is in fact the first step towards communism and both ideals have the exact same flaws.The most important flaw of course is the huge increase in power given to whatever government happens to be in control under socialist tyranny. That’s right boys and girls socialism is tyranny. Here in America we have, more or less, the right of freedom of speech and expression. This is not the case in Europe. Not too long ago a British man was arrested for …. get this …. reading a transcript from Winston Churchill. In several European countries it isn’t just illegal to question the Holocaust propaganda but several people in those countries are in prison for being brave enough to do so. The more power any government has the less power the people have and this can manifest itself in many different ways that seem to the uneducated observer as unrelated.

For Europe socialism in modern times has become a nightmare. Europe is currently literally being invaded by Third World peoples who are attracted to their system of entitlement and who can blame them. Why not invade another country who will feed, cloth and house you without any effort of your own aside from a boat ride across the Mediterranean. Why fend for yourself at all really? Some stupid hardworking taxpayer will do all the work while you reap all the benefits. There will of course come a time when these European governments will collapse because as Marget Thatcher said, “sooner or later you run out of other peoples money.”

The core of socialism is slavery. There is an old adage that a “free man takes care of himself and a slave must be cared for” which correctly implies that anyone who is on any government assisted program is in fact a slave as they are incapable of taking care of themselves. Yes slavery is not dead in Europe or even America for that matter as close to 50% of Americans can correctly be identified as slaves. If you are taking government benefits that you have not earned you are a slave like it or not. And don’t fool yourself into believing that because you paid taxes that you earned those benefits. If that was true once your contribution to these entitlement programs was exhausted you’d get cut off.

A government powerful enough to enslave their people through socialism rules over the people. Such governments are rarely if ever accountable for their actions and behavior and therefore act in ways that are not in their peoples best interest but instead enrich their politicians. Once again we can look at the massive invasion of Europe and to a slightly lessor extent the United States for proof of this assertion. Did Europeans vote to allow their countries to be invaded by the third world and have their countries eventually dominated by Islam? Did Americans vote to let a flood of South Americans into their country or Somalians or Syrian refugees (so called)? Did any of these citizens (who aren’t brain dead progressive liberals) really want this?

As anyone with open eyes can see the more America slips into this socialist mindset the weaker the country has become. In every measurable way America has slipped further into weakness and despair and even the false unemployment statistics can’t hide that fact anymore. On the international stage even third world countries have started mocking the United States for being weak and rightfully so. America has become so weak that even the Chinese have noticed making threats against Americas friends in the Pacific especially Japan who now questions Americas resolve in defending it.

European governments have condemned their entire continent to destruction simply because they have become so powerful that they need not concern themselves with their countries sovereignty and their peoples freedom and liberties. In America under a socialist president we too have seen our rights eroded and gross overreach by political leaders including the president. Socialists are not the friends of a free people they are their jailers and if the school system was doing its job you’d already know this without having to have it spoon fed to you.


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