What They Don’t Want You to Know.


We all laugh when we see a meme with former body builder Giorgio Tsoukals’ photo on it. Without even reading a single word we know that whatever the meme is about the answer is aliens. It’s always been aliens and it has been aliens since the beginning of our time (special note to BLM members: it’s not white people its aliens). Everything from chicken soup to volcanoes can be easily blamed on aliens and so Tsoukals memes do. Though you can’t really blame him he has millions of fans across the world who make these things up. Because aliens.

But what if Tsoukals memes were right? Or at least some of them. What if the proof that there are aliens from outer space on our planet was right beneath our noses? The thing is, if some evidence existed that there were space aliens on earth the reaction of 99.9% of the world would be absolute disbelief. It’s a trick. Photoshop. Impossible. Already if you have made it this far into my prose, you are wondering what kind of crackpot I am and whether I’ve been partaking in conspiracy spirits. Oh ye of little faith.

So you think it is just us on the planet eh? If we are the only ones in the universe why are the powers that be so hell bent on creating a one world government and a mutt human race to be ruled by it. Think about it for a minute. What benefit is there to race mixing? Yet race mixing is highly promoted in the west. It is promoted elsewhere too but as “white women are whores race mixing by force if necessary”. But it isn’t just the whites who will disappear. By the time they are gone there won’t be any blacks either or any of anything. The world will be different shades of light brown. Like a white girl with a nice tan.

George Soros is quoted as saying western civilization must be destroyed before the new world government can take control. That is happening before our very eyes. Most people have no idea how much damage has been done already. In Europe it is just blatant destroy the continent fuck the people attitude. Those governments don’t care that their own people don’t approve.

These are incredible lengths to go to and to what ends? Where is the benefit of any of this to any segment of the human race. Even to our Rothschild, Birkenstock, Illuminate, and NSA overseers would be hard pressed to see a benefit to them. So why?


That’s right maybe it is aliens. What if the world beyond what we can see is a community of planets? You know kinda like a federation of planets. It would be kinda hard to manage such a federation if every planet was covered by hundreds of countries and hundreds of leaders. What if admission to the federation required a planet with a one world government? And what if our world leaders knew all this?

Now I’m not saying this is true (well maybe) but it makes a lot more sense than destroying western civilization and the planets individual races. Some might believe the reasons such things are being pushed so hard is because of greed and ambition. Turn the slaves (yes we are slaves and you dam well know it) into mindless zombie robots. With TV and the internet which will soon fall into the hands of people who didn’t earn it and paid nothing for it, people hardly leave their homes anymore. Work and home. But we already have that. Financially the entire scheme is suicide especially for the well heeled.

But hey maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m some kook. Or maybe…just maybe…it’s aliens.



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