Tyranny in America


“When the people fear their government there is tyranny” -Thomas Jefferson

Do you trust your government? If you do you probably shouldn’t. The truth that most people won’t tell you is that Americas constitution doesn’t actually mean shit. You have no rights and you own nothing. That is the truth. Like monarchs of old the government of the U.S.A. can do any dam thing they want to do to you. They can take your house, your food, and your children that’s the law and there is very little if anything you can do about it. If the federal government was remotely trustworthy then why do government agencies like the environmental protection agency and the IRS armed to the teeth?

Why does every president in your lifetime have genetic ties to European royalty? What are the odds? Seem rather remote don’t they? Unless …. but that is just a conspiracy theory isn’t it. Do you think it might be that “not from royalty” is causing the media and many so called conservatives to expose themselves for what they really are?

Yeah we got tyranny in America.

The powers that be really don’t care if you know it anymore either. Recently the head of the Rothschild banking cartel (they made that family royalty btw) wrote an op-ed in which the people of the world were given a very thinly veiled threat regarding their future financial stability. The underlying message was clearly – get your people in line or your financial health is at risk. This Op-ed was printed in several periodicals because he’s a Pulitzer Prize winner. No wait he didn’t win a prize for writing. See Lord Rothschild isn’t remotely concerned about whether you know he runs the world or not. There’s nothing you can do about it.

Look for years both politicians and the press have suffered single digit approval numbers. Has anything changed? Has the press started reporting honestly? Have politicians started doing a much better job? Of course the answer to both those questions is no. How is that even possible? Isn’t the survival of the press and the politicians in the hands of the people? No it isn’t. We are ruled over and we have been ruled over for a long time. The only difference is that in this election cycle we see this fully exposed. And most of the people don’t care and even if they did there’s nothing they could do to stop it.

Americans are pampered slaves.

But it’s all good. If you really wanted your freedom and liberty you’d do something about it…..after the ball game.


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