How to Pick a Religion: for the Complete Idiot


When you’re a child you grow up being exposed to the religion of your parents. The structure of their religion is to help you feel confident in the world around you with promises of an afterlife and a supreme being that watches over you, in theory. This is a good foundation to have for most in most cases, however that is not always the case. Some groups who call themselves organized religion are nothing more than cults.

At some point in your life you become an adult and that age varies more with culture than with legal standing. But when you do become an adult it is time to take what you have learned from parents, teachers, and the world around you and apply these things to your own life. Don’t be surprised if you decide to do things a bit differently then they did as you pick up the torch for your families heritage.

Most people spend a great deal of time thinking about God and life after death. Why do we exist? What happens when I die? How did all these things get here? What is the proper way to worship and should I worship? All normal questions every human has. And fortunately there are almost as many ways to deal with the issues of God and creation as there are stars in the sky. So we can choose our own spiritual path. We can listen to our own spirit telling us what to do. You can choose to love God and regard him as you see fit and you should and you should find the best way for you to express that part of you.

So what religion should you choose? Well they pretty much all offer the same things like afterlife, justice, love, protection, brotherhood, purpose but some are better at these things than others and some focus on things others do not.

The first thing you need to consider about any religion is the standard behavior expectations of the believers. Is there an official place of worship and if so how often is attendance required and/or encouraged. Inevitably official places of worship require donations to keep them running and for doing various other “good works” and it is important to know how much that they are going to expect from you. Some places of worship charge 20% of your household income or more for your attendance and desire to worship. Funding the ministers Escalade might leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Next, what is the behavior of the followers themselves? All religions claim to be peaceful religions just like all governments do but it is rarely true in either case. Most religions have a very dark past from the child sacrifices of the Jews to the war mongering and pro slavery of Islam to the witch trails of Christianity no religion has a spotless history. The question you should be asking isn’t what religious followers did in the past the question is what are they doing now. Is a religion you are considering consistently being associated with acts of violence? Remember that whoever you surround yourself with is how others will view you so you might want to stay away from religions that claim to be peaceful but whose followers commit crimes in the name of that religion.

Whatever religion you choose to follow, whether it is the one you were brought up with or ones that might suit you better remember that your decision will also ultimately affect how your own children see the world and the path your families legacy will take. Choose wisely.


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