Trump is Smarter than You Are


I have to chuckle to myself when I hear people giving Donald Trump advice on how to beat Hillary. During the Republican Primaries Trump kicked the crap out of 16 or 17 of the best the GOP has to offer and with few exceptions every one of them spent more money than Trump did who, as we might recall funded his own primary campaign. That’s pretty impressive in anyone’s book and he did it largely by manipulating the press and mocking his opponents when they tried to attack him. He did this with very little support from the GOP if any and under constant attack by the press and both sides of the establishment pond of scum.

Given how Trump wrangled the GOP nomination under such circumstances anyone, and I mean anyone who thinks they know better than him needs to call a psychologist as soon as they can get near a phone and set an appointment immediately. Perhaps even consider having themselves institutionalized.

The one consistent in all this has been the press and the political pundits. These misguided ego maniacs have been wrong from the moment Trump announced his candidacy all the way through to the convention. How could they possibly be right about anything now? These are writers who know writing not people who have walked the walk of a political campaign. They also are writers (by far the easiest major in college) with opinions which I often wish they would keep to themselves. They aren’t experts on anything….except maybe writing. Maybe.

Look folks everything you are seeing Trump do is by design. He’s playing the press and political pundits like a fiddle and these tools are dancing to Trumps fiddle like the little people did for Darby O’Gill. The only amazing part is that these blowhards are such narcissists in their own right that they haven’t figured it out. Clearly MSM isn’t out looking for the best and the brightest.

So have a little faith everything is going exactly as planned. The networks are giving Trump all the free air time he wants and he continues to mock those who dare mess with him (rightly so). We all know the poles are lying so don’t even listen to that garbage look at the difference in support at both candidates rallies for the truth.

In 2017 we’re going to have a new president and it won’t be someone who is incapable of showing any remorse over the death of an American diplomat and the heroes that tried to save him. It is going to be a man who took on a big project in NYC that the city couldn’t fix for years and managed to finish in a matter of months and way under budget. No matter what the press, pundits, and pollsters tell you Trump is going to win and he is going to win by one of the biggest landslide elections America has ever known.

And you can take that check to the bank and cash it right now.



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