The Fall of Socialism


It’s pretty hard to look around the world and not see socialism crumbling everywhere. We all know about Greece and of course it is no better than it was the last time anyone paid any attention to that entitlement state. Just like Greece, the economies of the rest of the European Socialist Nations are crumbling because of one undeniable fact. Sooner or later you run out of other peoples money.

At the peek of socialism in Europe and elsewhere, progressive liberals touted the more feminine of governments as the ideals. They were the nations to be emulated not the corrupt capitalistic model (or a version of it) employed by the most powerful country in the world. Yes WTF is right. Still by all outward appearances for a time socialism gave many people the opportunity to live more entertaining lives. The problem is the more you get the more you want and the more the government has to take away from you to meet your demands. Everything becomes a “right”.

It also didn’t hurt that none of the successful socialist nations were exactly in the breech of their own defense. Europe depends on the United States to protect it and pay for that protection. That frees up a lot of money for social programs. Which of course means you are paying for their social programs. Nice huh.

But even with all their free security and other nice financial type things we do for them they still couldn’t keep socialism working forever.

Then came the hordes. And why the hell not. Yes leave your homelands and your families and come to Europe and we’ll pay for everything. Food, shelter, clothing, cell phones, credit cards, welfare come take it all. Have some more kids too. Oh and don’t forget we’re masochists so while we’re paying more taxes to pay for your life long vacation, please insult our traditions and cultures while you’re having your way with our women and children. Brilliant.

The negative effects of socialism on a nation ripples across the pond and touches every other nation most often in negative ways. How does a nation get better when all its people are escaping to heaven? How do those nations develop?

Yet even with the historical and recent failures of socialism there is still a large percentage of Americans who want it here (as if we don’t have enough already). Nonetheless the majority of Americans seem to be waking up to the negative effects of a nanny state and open boarders. America was the prize that socialists hope to bring down but 8 years wasn’t enough. Controlling the press wasn’t enough. Controlling key congressmen and other government officials wasn’t enough. People want control of their government again and they want their jobs back and law and order too.

America is a nation of rugged individualism not a nation of wet nurses. We admire the self made and the hard  working people who make America what it is. When Donald Trump becomes Americas next president the tide will turn. Leadership will be restored in Washington and the people will have reigned in their government and become the loudest voice in government as it was always designed to be. That leadership will also ripple across the ponds encouraging other nations to once again follow Americas lead.

Or Americans will throw it all away. Stay tuned for the outcome.


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