England Will Die


There has been a lot of talk following the Brexit vote. Some claim the EU will fall and the economy of England and perhaps all of Europe and even the world will falter. Some even claim that this is a shot heard round the world and England leads the way in preserving the sovereignty of other if not all European nations thereby preserving their rich heritage and culture. It’s all bullshit.

Any economic downfall is of course the powers that be punishing and putting pressure on the English to surrender their country. They will. They will keep voting and voting for no matter how long it takes to ensure that England becomes nothing more than a state of the United States of Europe. Bear in mind Brexit passed by the tiniest of margins and the onslaught of pressure by the media, politicians and of course their owners to vote the way they are being told to vote will eventually break them down and once they vote to remain in the EU they will permanently lose all sense of sovereignty just as the individual states of the U.S. eventually have.

You see the biggest mistake Great Britain made has already been made. Taking peoples guns away left the British people absolutely defenseless against corrupt politicians and the mass invasion of Africans and Middle Easterners who are taking over the country. London has already fallen as Whites have been escaping the city en mass. Sharia law has replaced British law in many areas of England and it is only a matter of time before it replaces it completely.

And there is nothing the citizens can do about it.

Nothing but run away from their own homeland.

A defenseless people run by cowards hungry for power and wealth cannot survive and it will not survive. England isn’t the only country that will die, most of Europe is doomed to die with it and for the exact same reasons.

The only question remaining is, “Shall the last bastion of Western Civilization join Europe in its death spiral?”

Will Americans reject completely progressive liberalism this November? Will the American people allow their government to continue to treat them as serfs and whittle away even further at their “rights”? Will the American people allow themselves to be stripped of their ability to defend themselves and overthrow their own government if need be?

The prognosis doesn’t look good. There is a reason why almost every book, movie and TV show depicting the future of mankind as desperation, oppression and enslavement to a one world government. The owners have been planning this for a very long time. Are you strong enough to do whatever it takes to defeat them? Or is it already just too dam late?


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