Desperate for Racism


No nation has done more for Africans than America and no race has done more for Blacks (including Blacks) than the Caucasian race has done. Let that sink in for a minute. Because if you’re as dumb as a box of rocks you might actually buy into the progressive liberal and militant Negro narrative that White people, those same people who have worked so hard to help Black people rise up, are the spawn of the devil and need to be exterminated. Yes that is right many Blacks actually believe this nonsense.

It is easy to understand why Democrats perpetuate the lie of White racism in America. They need diversions. Democrats have been playing a shell game for decades and that game requires what magicians call “misdirection” which basically means while you are looking at what my right hand is doing my left hand is pulling the wool over your eyes. progressive liberals know that if America started really discussing their narratives and theories in an honest way only the most ignorant and mentally challenged among us would vote for their minions and though America might not have any shortage of idiots, there just aren’t enough of them to put them in power anywhere but Detroit and Baltimore. Why else would they consistently seek their constituency from the young, the poor, and the illegals flooding into our republic.

What progressive liberals and groups like The New Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter desperately need is for Whites to lash out at Blacks. They have been chanting the same nonsense for a very long time now and other than one or two incidences every single case of White Racism promoted by Blacks, progressive liberals and the lame stream media has blown up in their faces. The narrative is there but the facts don’t support it in fact what the facts do support is that it is White folks who are almost always victims in every case.

Black Lives Matter is a movement designed specifically to provoke White people. Their desperate attempts to gain attention and be as disruptive as possible should make that obvious. I think most people realize this too which is why they have been so unsuccessful so far.

But here’s the thing…..

You can’t beat a dog forever. Eventually these groups of morons will get exactly what they want and the problem is on the day that it happens it will be a disaster for Blacks in America. It is like you and your friends walking home from school and every day one of your friends throws rocks at a pit bull behind a fence. If that pit bull ever gets out of that fence he isn’t going to make any distinctions between the rock thrower and the other kids in your group. He’s going to bite every single kid he can get his teeth into.

If Negros do not step up against this and throw off their Democrat shackles one day soon the militant Negros are going to get exactly what they have been trying to get for a very long time. Just like Pastor Manning said Whites aren’t going to take it forever and once that Pandoras box is opened it won’t easily be closed.

Sadly I do not believe the Blacks who find this type of behavior destructive will step up. Like Whites they are also afraid of the name calling. Successful Blacks fear being called Uncle Tom as much as so many Whites fear being called racists and if I’m right it is only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose.

For my Black friends who might be reading this: I understand why you voted for Obama the first time around but what I don’t understand is why you voted for him the second time around or why you vote for Democrats at all. They have never done a thing for your people but shackle you to the humiliation of handouts.

The best Blacks have ever done in America was during the Reagan years…..smarten up.



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