America No Longer Exists


Today’s revelation from the F.B.I. regarding the criminal Hillary Clinton should be an eye opener to all Americas. Time and time again people in Washington and in the press have claimed that we are a nation of laws, but that simply isn’t true anymore. We have become a nation of elites and serfs. Laws that apply to us serf absolutely do not apply to politicians, lawyers, actors, and the wealthy. Our entire system has either completely fallen apart or has finally been exposed for the sham it may always have been.

Hillary Clinton is a lawyer. She has gone to the finest Ivy League schools in America and yet she would have the unwashed masses believe that she is so incredibly ignorant that she did not know what the laws are surrounding her former position as Secretary of State. Imagine how the “legal” system would react if that was you who had committed even the most minor of crimes and tried to use that defense. You’d be in a rape prison so fast you wouldn’t even know what hit you. How about all of Americas rape prisons that are chock full of regular folks who have committed minor offenses compared to the ones Clinton is clearly guilty of? Some of them are facing decades of sodomy and brutality and we call this justice?

The truth of the matter is that the American people have become the victims of their government. We are treated to the harshest penalties that our law makes can come up with and they are only ever held accountable themselves when they won’t play ball with the elitist status quo. And sadly the bloodlines of many of these people (including Obama’s white side) lead directly to European monarchs. One is forced to ask if anything actually changed or whether there was just the illusion of change.

Western Europe is a place where the citizens are ruled over and America is no longer any different. We are nothing more than cogs in the machinery of the elites wealth and power machines. These unethical and immoral people lack any real sense of integrity and would murder us all to pursue their quest for wealth and more importantly power.

This election season is our last chance to save ourselves and the raw truth is that it may already be too late. Why citizens aren’t outside of the White House and Congressional headquarters with pitchforks and torches is beyond my comprehension. If we the people don’t start screaming to the top of our lungs to the press and Washington and all federal agencies … it’s over. No one is coming to rescue us? What we saw today is just the tip of the iceberg. Getting away with this travesty will only embolden these cretins to expose even more of what they truly are.

George Carlin once said that we have no rights. None at all. All we have are privileges that our owners allow us to keep us just sedate enough to keep their machines going. He also said that one day they will pull the curtains back and expose what they really are because we won’t be able to do a dam thing about it. It seems that time has come.


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