Progressive Liberals Hate America


There are certain fundamentals that the United States was founded under and the most important of these are freedom of expression and the inalienable right to protect oneself from criminals and even our own government. This is what America is about, the most important aspect of course is individualism. America was not built on a hive mentality.

Progressive liberals hate Americas fundamentals. At every turn they battle against individualism and the constitution. Freedom of speech be dammed if that freedom means you have a different point of view. Not only do progressive liberals not want to hear any dissenting points of view they riot in the streets and commit acts of social terrorism to make sure no one else can hear them either. At the same time they demand that you become defenseless against them.

The truth is you can’t claim to love the United States of America while at the same time trying to tear it down or try to “fundamentally change” the republic.

It isn’t just America progressive liberals hate either, it is Western Civilization as a whole. One only needs to see what progressive liberals have done to Europe to fully understand how deep their hared runs. It was after all progressive liberals who opened Europe’s doors to destruction. Why would they side with Islam if not to see the Western World destroyed. It doesn’t matter how much the world will suffer under Islamic rule to progressive liberals just as long as Europe and the United States are destroyed.

I used to believe progressive liberals were just ignorant and quite possibly lacking in critical thinking skills. I don’t believe that anymore. These people have been shown time and time again that their ideologies do not work. Even a child can see the obvious. Yet these low lifes continue to press for oppression even if it means their own demise.

The time for silence is over. Progressive liberals must be held accountable for their actions even if it means withstanding the avalanche of phony accusations they are now most known for. We can no longer afford the poison that they have to offer and we must fight them by any means possible. If not now then when?

On the eve of our independence we need remind those around us what we really are and what kind of foundation our nation was built upon. Do not stand idlely by as progressive liberals do to America what they have done to Europe. We must draw a line in the sand and so “no more” and “no further” and we must now fight for the freedoms and liberties we so often take for granted. We must make America great again because the alternative is our own destruction.

God Bless America.


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