Blaire White the “normal” Ladyboy


I’m not exactly sure when it happened. I’m not exactly sure why it happened. Well ok I got a little idea. Sometimes I go to YouTube and just click video based on the cover photo. Old age ya know. I’m sure the first Blaire White video had a nice looking cover. I’m sure it took me a few moments to figure out that Blaire had been born a boy. Here in South Florida seeing a transgender isn’t the most unusual thing. As ladyboys go Blaire White is quite passable and attractive which is probably more disturbing than those who are not.

What really sets White apart from most of the other homosexual and/or transgendered people on YouTube is the lack of over exaggerated behavior and movements. Blaire was the first tranny that I’ve ever mistakenly stumbled upon (dam you Jerry Springer) that was interesting enough and didn’t make my eyes burn to watch an entire video. Like White exclaims , “if the most interesting thing about you is being a trans then” get a life/job/hobby etc. That is refreshingly “not fabulous” but normal. Perhaps the thing that is most endearing about White is that “she” seems to be at piece with “her” condition and at peace with what to expect out of life.

blaire white

White also comes across as very conservative. I like that. And she takes a very conservative view of people who share her lifestyle. We need someone like Ms. White to help us remind those in the gay community that although we may not always agree on everything we got their back. I don’t know where anyone could have ever gotten the idea that conservatives, true conservatives would wish anyone ill or wish mistreatment on anyone or are remotely interested in holding anyone down but anyone who believe that we do are just dead wrong. That kinda hatred has always been a part of the left.

Donald Trumps presidential campaign is about bringing Americans together as best as we can and to date the politicians have done nothing but rip us apart while they get power and wealth. There is no room in America for people who don’t believe in Americans first and that means all Americans and Blaire White could be the voice within the campaign for the alternative lifestyle community (they aren’t all gay). Maybe all she needs is a nudge to get that done.

#TeamTrump #DonaldTrumpForPresident2016 #BlaireWhite


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