Understanding Trumps Strategy


Ever since Trump acquired enough delegates to secure his parties nomination, I have been watching and reading the opinions of political pundits and shaking my head. When Trump claims that Washington is stupid he isn’t kidding. From the halls of Congress to the keyboards of political “experts” the level of stupidity is simply astounding. Well they are either complete retards or blatant liars and in Trumps case I think I’ll put my money on the former.

To listen to these clowns in Washington tell it Trump is on the ropes. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren has joined the Butcher of Benghazi and together they are tossing the progressive liberal playbook of sexism, racism, and hatred at Trump. It is a good thing Pocahontas has joined Killary too because ….. that voice. Hillary Clinton sounds like your mother in law from hell. If I had to listen to that voice day in and day out I’d be in prison for murder. And it would be worth it. While all this has been going on Trump has been mostly pretty quiet compared to the primaries and when he does speak it has been with the kind of cadence one might expect from…..well….a president.

The reason I find this entire situation so humorous,  and I find it absolutely hilarious, is because I know exactly what he is doing. I know what he is doing because I’ve done it myself to hundreds if not thousands (probably thousands) of potential investors. This is sales 1102 (not 1101). Right now Trump is pulling the classic sales maneuver of talking just enough to get Hillary to run at the mouth. It isn’t Donald Trump who is on the ropes it is Hillary Clinton and what Trump is allowing Clinton to do for him is expose her weak underbelly. In investment sales the first  step in taking someones money is to get them talking and to pretty much be quiet yourself or at least as quiet as you can be. The more information the potential client gives out during this first step, the more information you have to use against him when you begin your real pitch.


Because Clinton is on the ropes thanks to Bernie Sanders, she has to lay all her cards on the table. Sanders bloodied her up pretty good so she has to try to recover from that and to do so means pulling all the stops. Trump knows that todays poll numbers don’t mean a dam thing so he is pretty content to watch, listen and learn. Besides those false accusations of bigotry, sexism, racism and whatever aren’t going to sound very fresh 5 months from now so why not let her turn that part of the progressive liberal playbook into a tired and stale pile of rhetoric. What is Clinton going to have left in September and October? Probably not much.

This is the sales skill of this man. Having been in high end sales for many years I can tell you that a salesman who understands this strategy comes along once in maybe every 10,000 salespeople. Most of the people I worked for never understood how I was able to close clients they could not but I knew exactly what I was doing and I see this exact same process in Trump. I also see that Clinton does not have these skills as she is taking the bait hook line and sinker and because of that she doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell against this sales Master.

So be patient and forget the naysayers. They have been wrong wrong wrong so far so kick them out out out of your head and keep promoting the peoples champion. He knows what he is doing and it is going to be huge.



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