Hillary Can’t Win


Hillary Clinton has a very checkered past. She probably should have been prosecuted years ago but of course very few in politics are ever accountable for the things they do and I have always suspected that the only ones who ever do pay a price for their actions are the ones who just didn’t play ball. Clinton will never have to pay for anything she has ever done not even for violating rules and laws regarding her private e-mail server so let’s just take that off the table right now.

But even if Hillary is never held accountable to the American people she still can’t win an election that is months away. The problem for Hillary has to do with the progressive liberal policies enacted by President Obama which she mostly supported and wants to build upon.

First let’s talk about immigration. We can glance over the pond and see that even legal immigration is destroying the heritage and culture of the worlds greatest civilization. Between now and the U.S.A.s presidential election there will be many more incidences of atrocities carried out by Muslims and although the press will do its best to cover them up and downplay them where they can they won’t be able to hide them all. Expect the same in our country as illegals from Mexico become even more violent now that they are emboldened by a government which continues to let them get away with crimes while “protesting”  Trump events. Add to that the certainty of acts of murder and terror committed by Muslims within our boarders and it would be hard to believe that the majority of Americans will embrace Clintons open door no boarders policies.

Next on the list is the economy. When Americas economy turns to shit as it has throughout Obamas reign, so doesn’t the rest of the worlds economy and that doubles back on us. No one can claim that a country with 90 million people who have given up on looking for a job is doing well (unless you are a part of our treasonous press). The truth is in all likelihood the economy will be even worse by November especially considering that the European Union intends to punish England and any other country that tries to leave it and the only leverage they have is economic leverage. Even if the EU decides not to punish England (which is unlikely), the crows will come back to roost and Obamas idiotic economic policies will finally begin to show their full effect.

And finally we have the ACA (Obamacare). This misguided program has been a disaster since day one and over and over again has proven that it doesn’t work. The Democrats have been trying to delay full implementation for as long as they could (because they know it is an economic disaster) but again sooner or later this misdeed will catch up to them. Though it is true that Obama may be successful in delaying full implementation until after the elections the news regarding the ACA has been bad for years and certainly that delay in full implementation will be a campaign issue that can’t go away.

By the time November rolls around things are just going to get worse. There is no way to fix any of what these mental midgets have done before then and Hillary will be guilty not just by association but guilty because she was a part of the regime that is responsible for the decline in America.

Progressive liberalism is on its death bed in America and in Europe, and all we are waiting for is its final death rattle. And even all of King Obamas boot licking news media and corrupt donators won’t be able to put their ideology back together again.


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