The Fall of the Establishment


It all really started with Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the father of the new American revolution which began with him and the Republican Party. Dr. Paul’s presidential campaign in 2012 exposed the Republican Party for what it truly is and that cannot be denied, but what his campaign also did was expose the press for what it truly is as well and revealed the collusion between the GOP and the MSM. Both worked hand in hand to ensure that the good Senator would never be able to gain enough momentum to become the GOP nominee. This is a crime not just against conservatives but against all Americans because it mocked the entire election process and proved to the American people that not only did their votes not count, but that the entire process was just a cash cow for politicians and the media, and the establishment decided who led the people not the people themselves. What America saw was conspiracy exposed before their very eyes.

There is a price to pay for the level of arrogance displayed by establishment politicians and the press. People began to pay a lot more attention to what the press and the politicians were doing. They started to connect the dots and become much more open to conspiracy theories (which are often proven true many years later), secret political organizations, and more importantly they began to question everything they thought they knew. People began to wonder whether anything they had been told by the government and especially by the press was even remotely true or just so much bullshit designed to placate the masses while the real movers and shakers ruled their lives.


Then along comes Donald Trump. Establishment politicians and the press immediately labeled him as a joke. But Trump already had a huge fan base due to his TV show and his business acumen so he was far from an unknown. People liked Trump because whether they agreed with him or not they always knew where he stood and knew him to be tough as nails. America has been getting bitched slapped by political correctness for many years now and people were simply sick and tired of it because they recognized it as phony. What the people needed was a champion, someone who wasn’t afraid to take on the P.C. crowd like a lion and so they rallied around Trump despite the lies being puked out by the press they had long ago turned their backs on. Trump became the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party by crushing the GOP establishment and right now he is the only person alive who can save the GOP from the irrelevancy  that is just beyond the horizon. The Republican Party establishment has literally destroyed the party and the only one keeping it alive right now is Trump. If they force him to run in a 3rd party it will be their last nail in their coffin.

Trump reminded people how important a nations sovereignty and culture really are and this did not go unnoticed in Europe and especially England. While the British P.C. socialists cried like a bunch of little girls threatening to keep Trump out of the Empire, the people of England started paying much more attention to what Trump was saying across the pond. As they heard him say things like “we either have a country or we don’t” they began to question their own sovereignty. They also began to take a very critical look at what mass migration, especially the migration of peoples who did not hold the same values as they did, was doing to their proud country. Trump allowed them to believe that it was ok to resist. Did you see what he did in America?


Since the people of Great Brittan voted to leave the European Union and at least try to save their nation from what is now clearly a conspiracy to destabilize and destroy the individual countries of Europe, other European nations are starting to believe that giving up their rich culture and heritage and identity might not be such a great idea after all. The writing is on the wall. Even George Soros admits that the EU will likely eventually disintegrate.

All of this is simply wonderful news for the free people of the world many of whom had come to believe that all hope was lost. The tide is only beginning to turn. If Donald Trump is elected as President of the United States of America it will signal the end of political correctness and pseudo social justice. Yes there will be violence and that will increase as leftists begin to realize that their time has come and gone and that they in fact cannot force people to believe what they believe and do what they want them to do. Violence is after all the cornerstone of socialism/communism/social justice. But we will survive and the establishment has been and will continue to be damaged because they still believe they should rule over us and that they are still mostly in control.

Times have changed and it is no longer the political and media establishment that tells us how to live and behave but the people who have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and taken that which rightly belongs to them….their own lives.

The GOP cannot survive by trying to throw Trump under the bus. Their only shot at survival is to get behind Trump with a vengeance but they are probably too arrogant and stupid for that. The EU cannot be saved by trying to throw England under the bus. The Union probably can’t be saved at all at this point and good riddance.

There is a new dawn and once again it has been lead by the light of freedom and liberty.

God bless Western Civilization.



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