Three Cheers for England!


These days it isn’t often you see a country saving itself. Greece is still holding out its tin cup to the rest of Europe. Greece is a self imposed slave nation which depends on the EU for survival because their people simply refuse to address the reality of their situation. So addicted to “entitlements” they are that they have eagerly given away their sovereignty to keep their socialist nightmare alive. Poor economically successful Germany has had to shoulder all of the economic stupidity of Europe and is much too far gone to save now. But the Germans don’t actually run Germany now do they? Just like post WWI Germany has to take its orders from Zionists who want to destroy her.


Fortunately there were still just enough patriots to save England at the final hour. Great Brittan will retain its sovereignty for a little while longer as the entire world looks towards America hoping that the land of the free and home of the brave will be able to hold onto its sovereignty as well and lead the free world out of the mess Israel got it into. Yes people know who is really to blame as many reports of a so called rise in antisemitism over the last several months attest to. You can’t hold the Jews responsible for anything without being accused of being a racist or bigot or antisemite. Voltaire was correct when he observed that it is the people who you are not allowed to criticize who rule over you.

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Some of you might be wondering how this might effect England, Europe and the rest of the world financially because the press told you these things were more important than England’s sovereignty as a nation. As an experienced broker and trader of currencies, commodities, and other venture capitalistic endeavors I can tell you from years worth of experience that what you are seeing right now in the financial markets is false trading meaning trades being executed for political reasons not economic ones.

No investor in their right mind would be selling right now. If anything they would be buying up the positions the suckers abandoned. But in this case there are very few suckers and a whole lot more conspiracy than anyone is going to tell you about for some time. What you have seen since England voted to exit the European Union is institutionalized trading. People who control very large sums of capital trying to send a warning to the rest of the EU that leaving the collective and refusing to surrender your countries sovereignty is going to hurt.

I mean think about it for a minute. This investment withdrawal occurred  extremely fast after the B.C.C. announced their projection. A bit too fast don’t you think? What exactly changes economically for England and the EU? Does England stop trading with the countries it abandoned? The truth is trades based on the BREXIT have already taken place and clearly there wasn’t much of an impact. That is how these markets work. Traders and investors know what is going to happen long before you read it in the news. How is that possible? Because it is their job to know. It is their job to know how to read people, cultures, nations, world banks and the real truth is if you’re waiting for some result to tell you how to execute your trades you’ve already waited much too long. Just to give you an idea, I called the housing collapse 2 1/2 years prior to that event to the month. I kept trying to tell my investors to stay away from RE but it was like talking to a wall. They don’t make more land. LOL idiots.

So what’s going to happen? Well even George Soros and the rest of the institutionalized investors and world bankers can only keep the market down for so long without losing their own ass no matter how dedicated they are to destroying Western Civilization. There will be way too many investors looking to buy in at the cheap so I suspect these market shenanigans with last maybe a week and maybe much less. So relax and remember you haven’t lost a dime until you sell.


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