This Means War!


I suppose a lot of us thought that once it was clear the Trump had enough delegates to secure the G.O.P. nomination things would quiet down and we might have us a normal election. Of course thinking like that kinda says something about some folks always wanting to see the blue skies. A bit childish perhaps but more often than not we are more grateful for what childish ways we’ve manage to hold onto through the years, than any trophy or brownie points we might gain by being the most mature adult in the room.

Of course things were only going to get worse even though Clinton had to cheat and cheat badly to defeat Sanders. We should be worried about Clinton after Trump soundly beat 16 other people? And one of them was even a woman!

The real problem is; Trumps securing of the nomination hasn’t changed a thing in Washington. You know that big mostly outdoor museum of monuments that isn’t quite a state or part of a state or a commonwealth. It does have a fancy name though “The District of Columbia.” As if it were a different country or something. It does seem to be free of the restrictions of the constitution.  Washington D.C. is Bazaaro World compared to the rest of America. It is as close to the Disney World of Corruption that the world has ever known. It is rather telling that the people who wield power in this den of inequity favor a show called House of Cards (Netflix) about a murderous president and a completely corrupt system of government.

Just because Mr. Trump is the GOP’s nominee doesn’t mean Trumps enemies went anywhere. The media are only starting to get ramped up poking the bear all over looking for any shred of evidence or circumstance, or speculation that might ensure that the one true and rightful heir to the throne is coronated. They haven’t been conditioning Americans for so many decades only to lose now with victory on the horizon. Democrats along with their paid for violent demonstrators will continue to amp up their violence the closer we get to the general election. Because they are animals and it is all they know how to do and all they will ever understand.

And of course Trumps enemies also come from the neocon as well as the RINO members of the establishment who have no intention of letting some outsider come in an ruin a good thing….for them.Why should they care who is president? All that mess is just a show to placate the unwashed masses. As long as the money and power keep rolling in what difference does it make? Anything to keep one of the people out. It’s a private club and Trump, just like you and I aren’t members.

If you thought we were going to have some calm or things might chill after Trump clearly became the nominee you’re crazy. Trump doesn’t have the nomination until the convention and who knows what is going to happen there. Who knows what the likes of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Bill Crystal, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, or any of a long list of disgruntled employees and self important political pundits will try to pull at the 11th hour. One thing for sure is that if they can sell it they will and the press is ready to buy it all.

Our work has just begun. Our candidate doesn’t have the Middle Eastern bribe money for his campaign the way Hillary does. He doesn’t have one of Americas most corrupt presidents to drive a narrative for him. Donald only has us. We the people. This country belongs to us not “them”.  It’s high time that the people reminded them of that.

Trump will win in a landslide and he must, because “they” will be promoting voting fraud as much as they think they can get away with. It must be an avalanche. So put on your Trump hat, grab your sign, make sure you’re armed and stand on the curb of your home. You don’t have to go far to help. And when you hear someone telling a lie about Trump step right up and straighten them out. Be strong be bold and be in this to win it.

America the beautiful depends on you the average citizen more than politicians, more than military, more than the legal system. Things got bad because you were on the couch cheering a ballgame. It’s time to put the ballgames and the reality shows and all the other little distractions out of the way right now. In November life is going to change for everyone. It will either continue to get worse or get a lot better. You don’t want to be the one you’re blaming if it gets worse. #TeamTrump





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