Dear Homos and Girly Boys and Whatever


Right about now you’re probably a little confused. I mean the aftermath of that horrible incident in Orlando, Florida is enough to make you rethink everything you thought you knew. Didn’t it. The worst mass shooting in the history of The United States of America and it happens to the gay community. Does blaming your constitutional right to defend yourself and then blaming that right for what happened sound like people who have your back? Does blaming conservatives instead of the man who actually committed the crime and the influences that might have led him there sound like people who give a dam about you? Do you have the right to defend yourself and demand justice?

Over the last several years a majority on the left has done a pretty good job of demonizing those on the right. It is true we have our share of demons much like the communists on the left. But the left has been trying to paint everyone on the right with that same brush. Is everyone on the left a communist and prone to violence? I certainly hope not.

Now it is true that many on the right are not real crazy about you homos and whatever. On many topics we disagree to be sure. What we aren’t doing is trying to promote pedophilia, take your god given right to defend yourself and your family and friends away, or take any of your other constitutional rights away. You can’t say that about the left.

See to us you are family. Every family has got one. Someone who tries real hard to fit in and usually overdoes it and makes things worse. Or someone who doesn’t want to fit in and just shows up for the holidays to create some drama. It’s cool. Because to us you’re family. Sure you might be a buncha faggots but you’re our faggots and we take care of our own. We want you to go out and buy a gun to protect yourself and your loved ones which is your constitutional right. We want to bring everyone who is responsible for what happened in Orlando to justice. Is that what the left wants for you because anything less isn’t having your back.

Doesn’t the gay community suffer more than most during bad economic times?

Perhaps, just perhaps you might want to consider changing the way you think. What’s really important?  We’re all in this boat together. Hop aboard the Trump Train and let’s make America whole and better for everyone.


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