Taking Advantage of Underdeveloped Nations for the Complete Idiot


There are few things that can be as lucrative as taking advantage of a small underdeveloped nation when it comes to its resources. Incredible fortunes are possible for the unlimited credited class in both cheap labor and natural resources. There is practically a pot of gold for any well healed entrepreneur willing to take advantage of these types of countries and people. And while these outside forces get rich the people in these countries get nothing but slavery. Slavery to the white devil in most cases. Right?

Not exactly.

Let’s say you are The President. I bet you’d get a lot done. So you are President of some 3rd world little hellhole in which everyone is starving but you (duh). You come to find out that beneath your countries soil there is a plethora of diamonds. Whatcha gonna do? Do the starving people in your country have the knowledge to extract process and export these diamonds? Probably not. So if you are tired of seeing your people starving what do you do? You have to give some foreigners a reason to help you with these things. They probably aren’t going to want to build an entire industry for free and they are probably going to want a piece of the action. Mining that natural resource also means some jobs for the starving locals.

Colonialism brought western civilization to many places of the world. Many of those places were as backward as backward can get back when they were being colonized. During colonization the occupied natives were exposed to western civilizations way of doing things and today many of these countries are thriving and vibrant members of a peaceful thinking world (more or less).

Other countries which suffer from a certain lack of global human evolution and are not being taken advantage of in some way are still living like they did 2000 years ago or even longer. The reality is that in the modern world if your country has nothing to offer it must be self sufficient and if it cannot be either of those things it is ripe for turmoil and conquest. The latter less so as who wants to annex another country with nothing to offer. Safe is the country with no resources and ugly women.

But before some of you try to glamorize life 2000 years ago let’s remind you what it was really like without running water, toilets, and medical care. Some people think that because they managed to survive a weekend in the woods that they would want to live, or anyone would want to live like that 24/7/365 for life. Even a log cabin and a fireplace are centuries of development away for some people in the world. It is hard to imagine colonialism being a negative to people like this.

You look at any country today which was once a colony of a European country and compare those countries to other countries who had identical social and economic policies and what you’ll find is life is a lot better for the average person in countries which were once colonized. It isn’t even close. In fact Barack Obamas brother was once quoted as saying that he wished Kenya had been occupied because the people would have been much better off and their country would be much more modern that it is today. Clearly carrying a basket on your head might look quaint to tourists but not so much to the people carrying baskets on their heads.

Europeans, white people have spread their civilization and culture to the four corners of the world and in almost every place they have, life is better and thriving. And when those countries adopt the same value system they are practically unstoppable. The truth is that no group has given more to the human race than Europeans. No group has done more to make mankind safer, healthier, live longer, and live well more than Europeans. But it’s never enough is it? The more they give the more others want to take from them until they even want to take away their culture and heritage.

This should be a real wake-up call for the West. The West should fix its own problems and take care of its own people and fuck everyone else. Let them die. Because helping them is going to kill us.


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