There’s a Bad Moon on the Rise


Life is like a puzzle. It has many pretty pieces to it and some pieces that are bland. Some pieces obviously fit together at a moments glance and other pieces are very difficult to find other pieces for. Few people in this world ever get most of lifes puzzle pieces together. For the most part, much like big puzzles you might find in the arts and crafts department, puzzles end up unopened or with only a few pieces finding the right connections. In fact it is so rare to come across anyone that even has some of the pieces connected that we often call the attempt to connect lifes puzzle pieces “going down the rabbit hole” which seems to be a rather strange analogy.

Part of the reason very few people attempt to put lifes puzzle together is because unlike the puzzles we purchase at the store that we are unlikely to complete, we have no idea what the image is that we will see once the puzzle is mostly or fully assembled. But we expect the worst. Little pieces of information are stored in our biological computers which subconsciously work 24/7 to solve all kinds of puzzles. Disturbing puzzles we keep hidden in our subconscious, yet we still tend to “feel” what they have discovered, even if we try to ignore that sense when we realize a truth might be disquieting for us. Like when your spouse is cheating on you and you ignore all the signs.

Something very ugly is unfolding in the world today. An unspeakable, incredibly powerful force that seeks to oppress the strongest civilization now in existence which of course is Western Civilization. The signs are everywhere just like when your significant other cheats and most people blind themselves to what is happening. Of course this process has been going on for longer than anyone reading this has been alive but since the beginning of this new millennium the people who mostly operate in the shadows have stepped up their obvious goal of destroying Western Civilization to warp speed. Maybe they fear that the information age has the potential to spoil their long-term goals.

Recent events suggest huge change might be on the horizon and that huge change is bringing suppression, and oppression with it like the world may have never seen before.

Right now in Europe the European Union is unfolding to be the most oppressive entity in Europe. What started out as the goal of Western European nations uniting under one currency has morphed into a full blown totalitarian dictatorship with people who have not been voted for by the people, ruling over them with absolution. The People of Great Britain are currently being given a one time only chance to leave the United States of Europe and if they make the wrong choice they will never be able to choose again. Never ever. Which might be ok if the people had a voice in how they were governed, which to a limited extent they do now, but will no longer have ever again if they vote to permanently join the other European States. Oppression in the name of consolidation and promises of power but power to whom?

Why would any European country choose to morph and possibly lose their own culture to join the European Union to begin with? What is the point really? It isn’t like Europe isn’t well controlled. Freedom of speech and expression in Europe is selective at best. There are thousands in European countries throughout Europe who are in their countries prisons for simply stating their own opinion. Fortunately for now you can still have an opinion. At least until science can read your mind. The currency excuse doesn’t wash because currency exchanges happen in seconds pretty much as quickly as you can submit a request with every change in value factored in, along with a small fee. Maybe some banks don’t want to pay each other the fee but even that doesn’t make any sense because they are all owned by just a handful of people.

Perhaps Europe has learned something from America.

Roughly 1/3 of Americas population voted in the last Presidential elections and of that one third half them vote for whatever Americas policies are going to be for the next 4 – 8 years. Basically 50 million people are forcing 300,000,000 to live the way they want them to live. This isn’t a bad system if everyone basically has the same nationalistic culture. If we grow up learning that capitalism works or at least works better than any economic system that has ever been developed, and that individual freedom is the most important part of being a human, then even when  1/6th of the people rule over the rest, the remaining 5/6ths are never oppressed. I know it seems like math but trust me it’s worth paying attention to. If this is not the case however and a false collective mentality rules the day, then the 1/6th will probably oppress the rest.

In Europe this is about spreading the wealth. Forcing successful states like Germany to pay for the luxuries of countries like Greece. Of course someone gets to handle those transactions so a new industry takes form. A different variation of banking.

The refugee crisis is literally being forced across the member states of the European Union by it’s governing body which of course was not elected by the people. It’s goal of course is to completely break down any sense of nationalism the member countries might still be desperately grasping onto. Soon you wouldn’t be able to look at a French girl and recognize anything French about her but the label. Maybe in most cases you can’t now.

Same thing as in the United States. Same thing as in Western Europe.

Same immigration issues. Same violent Islam issues. Same feminism crushing the nuclear family. And soon …… same loss of freedom and liberty and self governance forever.

We have been slaves for a long time we just didn’t recognize it because we could not feel the weight of the iron at our neck, wrists, and ankles. Often that is the only image of slavery that we recognize because there are some who gain power over you from those images, they must insist that this is the only real slavery. Which might be why slavery is doing so well as an industry in 2016 and of course will continue to do for many many years to come as it always has. It is how some groups have rather successfully discounted the slavery of others as simply a business contract. One few were ever able to conclude with anything less than their own deaths. But what can’t be denied anymore is that we are indentured servants. Servants to someone elses grand schemes with our limits clearly curtailed and confined to what is best for us with others even telling you who you are and what it means to be you. Well to ones who can afford to move out of whatever region they currently find themselves in are indentured servants because the rest of us are straight up property.

But this isn’t new is it? No it isn’t. At least the process isn’t new. The slow infringement on personal rights has been going on long enough that a conscious observer would clearly be able to recognize it by now and maybe a few unconscious observers can too. What is new is that at the pace that this new world order is attempting to unfold one must ask that if it actually succeeds what horrors must come next.

Revolution is always inevitable. Government always over reaches until its servants have reached the breaking point and then it is off to the revolution and the rebuilding or at least the attempt at building freedom, liberty, justice (as opposed to laws), commerce and the other things people….individuals treasure. These are the things we wish for ourselves, to be free, to do as we please and make the most of what we are and reap the rewards of our efforts. But there is not going to be another revolution. Technology has made that impossible. One world government is only a moment away and if we continue on this course there will never be any turning back. Life will look exactly like it always does in science fiction films of the future. Authorities everywhere searching for anyone who might remotely pose a threat to the world order. Well if it all goes down that bad, it isn’t like no one ever told you it was happening or something. You knew long before it turned into the Matrix.




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