Are Women worth Saving from Islam?

al bundy

Today’s topic is strictly about women and the question I am asking is “Are women worth saving from Islam?” and I think it is a question that truly needs addressing. Although I would never convert to that Satanist death cult I have to admit for a man it is a pretty good deal. I don’t have to worry about my woman screwing my best friend or my boss or anyone else for that matter. I can have a couple of wives and if they piss me off I can beat them or get rid of them. I can have sex slaves. This is a lot better deal for men than what the west offers.

What does the west offer me? I’m guilty of everything. Women think I’m little more than a walking wallet to be used until I’m broke at which time she’ll just abandon me for another wallet. She can beat on me as much as she wants and the second I defend myself I’m off to jail. Marriage for the man has become a complete travesty and a sure way for any guy to ruin his own life. The truth is the west offers me very little of value.

Now of course the question I posed today has really nothing to do with whether Islamic insanity offers me a better deal than Western Civilization does there is not question that Islam does offer more, the question is whether we as men should make any effort at all to rescue women from their own greed and stupidity. I only threw in the “who has the better deal” part to illustrate how little motivation there is to save these bimbos from themselves.

Let’s be honest here it was women who voted President Taqiyya into office. It was the female led feminist movement that has pretty much destroyed marriage and the nuclear family unit. It is women who most often promote crap like trophies for everyone and gun control. Women are in the forefront of diversity, the condemnation of Christianity and the defense of other cultures as being equal or superior to our own. Women pushed to be allowed to murder their offspring for convenience. Women didn’t want to be bothered with raising children so they took our jobs, took our money and still expect us to pay for everything.

Someone please explain to me why would I care what happens to these bitches! You want to be superior girls good luck explaining that to your new Muslim Masters because unless we decide to save your worthless asses that is who is going to be owning you in the not to distant future. As fat as some of you have gotten over the last couple of decades you should be happy to be garbed in black garage bags too. No more fat shaming for you beached whales. You’ll never have to worry about keeping up with the most recent fashion trends again.

The truth is the modern Western female isn’t worth saving. Frankly most of them belong in chains and iron collars and deserve a good caning every now and then and most honest guys will agree with that assessment. Well the ones who aren’t walking around in salmon colored shirts.

See Western men have had just about enough of Western females. Many men are going their own way (MGTOW) or if they must have a mate are seeking females from South America or Asia where women still remember how men like to be treated. I live in South Florida and none of my friends have American wives. Most of them wouldn’t touch marriage with a 10 foot pole but the few who have aren’t hooked up with American girls.

Here’s the thing wenches. A shit storm is coming and some think it is already here. Look at Europe. Women are being raped and brutalized all over the continent and what are the men doing about it? They are wearing mini skirts in protest. There is no one else to save you but us and you’re not giving any of us any reason to give a dam what happens to you. You’d better wise up now and give men a reason to think you have value to them …. enough value for us to risk our lives for you. Because if you don’t your enslavement is but a moment away.






2 thoughts on “Are Women worth Saving from Islam?

  1. Here! Here! Yeeeesssssss!!!!!!! I am a MGTOW since a couple years ago, done finished with the western bitch and doing anything for them. My motto is what do you have to bring to the table and it better be good because I don’t need you! and I have all the friends I need in males and am not looking for a so called female friend!! There better be something at least good to look at or I’m gone! Even in stores I go to another check out if I see a fat slob in front of me with cottage cheeze thighs!!!!! yuck! another good one Patrick , and I also live in here in Florida and I guess my area here in the treasure coast is the gate way to the fattest ugliest species of butches that are all trying to look like spanky and make all kinds of demands and so I just look the other way and they don’t exist in my world!! d.s.

    On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 11:16 AM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” Today’s topic is strictly about women and the question I > am asking is “Are women worth saving from Islam?” and I think it is a > question that truly needs addressing. Although I would never convert to > that Satanist death cult I have to admit for a man it ” >

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  2. I like the take of Redonkulas on this topic: “I wouldn’t piss in your mouth if your teeth were on fire.” Outside of armed rebellion, which is doomed to failure, there is nothing to be done to turn the tide. The only answer for the individual man is MGTOW. Make a drink, kick back, and enjoy the show.

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