Jihad in Orlando: Who’s Really to Blame?


Predictably the left and the press were praying at the alter of political correctness when the news first got out about the mass shooting in a gay nightclub over the weekend. They grabbed their tired old socialist/communist playbooks and hoped the shooter would be a white Christian male just like they do in every situation that involves violence. Just because he wasn’t doesn’t mean all hope was lost. Just like the violent leftist “protestors” at Donald Trump rallies Democrats couldn’t resist the urge to defend one of their own (the shooter was a registered Democrat) and still tried to blame white Christian males (the only followers of DJT according to them) for instigating this Muslim goat abuser as if he didn’t have a mind of his own and was not responsible for his actions. In the PC leftist world every wrong throughout the history of time is the fault of the white Christian male. An added bonus was to blame guns because the quicker the left can take your guns away the sooner rational people will be unable to resist their dogma and oppressive nature.

But who is really to blame? That is the $64,000 question.

The blame for all of this belongs square on the shoulders of Americas President Taqiyya. For those of you who don’t know “Taquyya” is an Islamic term allowing Muslim to lie to infidels, pretend to be their friends when they really want to kill them, and basically do whatever it takes to deceive anyone who isn’t Muslim. Now perhaps some of my readers thought that President Taquyya only lied about the A.C.A. (Obamacare) but he’s been lying to the American people since the moment he entered the national stage. His worst lie (among so many) was that he had converted to Christianity. This is not true and it never was and only the most gullible ever believed that nonsense because the fact of the matter is leaving Islam is a death sentence. If any Muslim actually believed this lie from President Taquyya he would have been dead long ago or at the very least had several attempts made on his life (which the press would have accused white Christian males of committing).

The proof has been as plain as the nose on your face since the day President Taqiyya took office. He even took his oath of office with a Koran (screw Muslims I’ll spell it any way I want to) on top of a Holy Bible so that his hand never actually touched the infidels blasphemy. The Taquyya regime attempted a semi covert conquest of the Middle East and Northern Africa by the Muslim Brotherhood whose Muslim sympathizers now hold several high ranking federal government positions in the U.S.. Isis was created by the Taquyya regime and armed using the same weapons supplied by the U.S. in Libya and funneled through Turkey which is a radical Islamic stronghold.

President Taquyya has never been a Christian period end of story and every action he has taken and every word that spilled out of his purple lips since he took office proves that and if you haven’t figured this out after almost 8 years you are so far gone you should consider having yourself committed. Either that or you’re a communist who sees El Bozo as your best hope of conquering the United States so you just don’t care and are committing Taquyya yourself.

Of course Obama isn’t the only person to blame here but he most certainly was the most significant factor in creating an atmosphere which emboldened violence as the political rallies clearly demonstrate. If normal Americans and illegals can be so easily enticed to commit violent acts how much effort does it take to get a Muslim to do it? They love martyrdom, want to dominate the world, and tax or kill everyone who will not submit to Islam. That is true of all of the Islamic faithful.

It is easy to blame the Jewish controlled press too. It is easy because they have been so eagerly cooperative with the Taquyya regime at every turn in the road eager to blame white Christians for anything they can just like they did with George Zimmerman and a host of other instances. And like Obama they want to take your guns away making you a defenseless serf and victim of whatever puppet the Zionists are pulling the strings of at the moment.

Let’s also not forget the women. The women who are mostly responsible for electing Obama in the first place and continued to vote for him even after his lies and deceptions were exposed likely over some monster penis fantasy they had going on in their erotic dreams. They are either complete morons or don’t give a crap about America and only care about what they think they are “entitled” to aka free stuff.

Everyone knows these 3 groups shoulder most of the responsibility for what happened in Florida and California and every other incident large and small that has an Islamic involvement. How many are going to have the fortitude to actually say it? And there’s your problem and why it is going to continue and likely get worse…..much worse.


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