Americans will ALWAYS be at War


Since the first bale of tea was tossed into the Boston Harbor the American people have been at war. Whether it is the former U.S.S.R. or the Islamic menace or even our own government we have had to fight tooth and nails to create and defend our way of life and you’re better start wrapping yourself around that self evident fact because if you do not we will lose the war against our civilization.

We have something everyone wants to take from us and that is liberty. Throughout the world people are enslaved and it isn’t always as obvious and as iron collar around ones neck. Today we are at the brink of our own enslavement by forces abroad and within.

Since we first became a nation we have been at war with Islam and the beginnings of that war forced us into the building of our navy, a navy that now has no equal. And since we first crushed the Muslims who were taking our citizens as slaves in the 18th century, Islam has been plotting and planning to destroy us until the day came when they could install a Muslim in the White House who single handily has done more damage to our republic than the U.S.S.R. and Communist China could ever dream of doing.

But make no mistake the elements that threaten our great nation are not just thousands of miles away in some foreign land but right here within our boarders promoting the kind of self induced slavery that our founders escaped from and fought with their very blood to escape.

Yes my friends there are people in these United States that yearn for the iron collar around their necks. People who are incapable or more often unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives and their own fate and wish and dream of being cared for from cradle to grave. Fools who would eagerly surrender their liberties and freedoms for the comfort, security and the illusion of safety that comes with the ownership of their betters. Were they only concerned with their own shackles we could simply return to the practice of indentured servitude but it is not enough for them to feel the weight of iron around their own throats they want to see you in the same condition that they grovel for themselves.

Islam is slavery. You are sentenced to beheading for trying to escape that death cult. Socialism and communism are slavery as your overseers take from you all that you have earned to support their political agendas and spread your wealth among the other slaves.

We live on a planet in which the few have always enslaved the many and because America breaks that mold and threatens to put ideas of liberty and self determination into the minds of people across the planet there will never be a day of peace for us. There will always be someone somewhere holding a leash that wants you on the other end of it.

So when I hear people cry for peace and complain about things like boots on the ground to defeat the evil of Isis and Islamic Jihad I am saddened by the fact that these people would rather be at the end of a leash than sacrifice and fight for their civilization. When I hear people protesting for slavery by demanding that the government provide for them I am saddened by their short sighted foolishness that threatens everything we have and cherish.

If you wish to be a slave leave our lands there are plenty of places around the world that will fit you for that iron collar you so crave. But do not force slavery on me or mine because I will not go quietly into that good night. I will not vanish without a fight and I already am prepared for that eternal battle against evil.

Are you?

Molon Labe


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