The Despicable Republican Party


You can talk all the trash you want to about Donald Trump but the one thing no one can deny about this man is that he has exposed the corruption in Washington for the world to see. In fact Trump has exposed the progressive liberals (or whatever the hell they are calling themselves these days) for the violent totalitarians they truly are. The man is like a wrecking ball smashing through the illusions the power hungry have been creating and maintaining for decades. One would have to be no brighter than a box of rocks to miss this one service he has provided to the U.S. and the world. In fact if he does nothing else with his life from this point forward he has done more to fight the shadow government than 1000 Alex Jones’.

For conservatives he has also exposed the truth about the Republican Party. People most conservatives respected and admired before this primary season began are also, because of Trump, being exposed as the traitorous, corrupt scumbags that they truly are. Recent reports suggest that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are doing everything they can to ensure that The Donald won’t beat Clinton in November supporting Clinton my default to preserve the status quo. These two scumbags are hardly alone, there are several people who claim to be patriotic conservatives both in politics and the media who are working around the clock to get Hillary Clinton elected as president. They should all be taken out into the street and shot like dogs (no I don’t condone shooting dogs it is a movie quote from a Jessie James movie starting Henry Fonda so calm down snowflake).

What has the Republican Party actually done for the cause of conservatism? The answer is squat. During Bushes reign of terror government was expanded instead of shrunken and any sense of rational capitalistic economics went right out the window. While the Democrats controlled the executive, house and senate Republicans were just happy to sit on the sidelines and let the ACA (Obummercare) pass without so much as a whimper. When they wanted to control the Senate they said vote for them to stop Obama so we did and they didn’t. When they wanted to control the House they said vote for them to stop Obama and we did and once again they didn’t. Now that they have a chance to take the White House and get some real change that their constituents want, they are still trying to throw their nominee under the bus to free up 2020 for one of their boot licking lackeys they can control. Of course by the time 2020 comes around assuming anyone would vote for a Republican at that point, they will have likely lost either the House or the Senate or both and won’t be able to get anymore done than they have for the last 8 years because unless they control everything the Republican congressman won’t even try.

The Republican Party has become the party of bottom feeders. I for one have had enough of them. The primaries are over and I don’t need them anymore. I’m voting for Trump in November period but I no longer consider myself a Republican. I will not associate myself with such a traitorous, corrupt nest of stupid lying scumbags. It is either Tea Party or Libertarian Party for me ( haven’t decided yet) but one thing is for certain, the GOP lost me as a supporter forever.


4 thoughts on “The Despicable Republican Party

  1. Yep, looks like you have gotten to the place I arrived at back in the late 70’s with both parties and our fake war mongering jew government! We think this is America/ The United States? guess again! we couldn’t be further from the truth. This is just a playground or chess board for the wealthy bankers and Military Industrialist complex as well as the Hollywood porn industry run by jews, mexicans, muslims, ghetto blacks, and out of their skulls liberal white trash! RIP world! Sure here I sit in my little trailer here in sickening Florida ( purgatory ) God’s waiting room fighting throat and skin cancer on disability trying to survive on my $ 16.00 @ month in food stamps while the fricking Doc’s use me like an atm machine to suck every last penny out of me till I head for my dirt nap. Sure glad I worked my whole life to support everyone else and now I can’t even have my septic tank fixed and good thing I like rice and beans! Democrats/ Republicans? they can all go straight to you know where for all I care!

    On Sat, Jun 11, 2016 at 12:16 PM, The McCarthy Chronicles wrote:

    > Patrick posted: ” You can talk all the trash you want to about Donald > Trump but the one thing no one can deny about this man is that he has > exposed the corruption in Washington for the world to see. In fact Trump > has exposed the progressive liberals (or whatever the hell” >

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  2. As wise as Trump is, and as talented as he is, I’m not too sure that he’ll be able to accomplish what he wants to, and quickly as he wants, and as we want. Here’s why I say this. Congress. Laws are passed by Congress, not the President, unless he has congressional approval. With all the bipartisan opposition to President Trump, it’s going to be difficult for him to get some of his ideas passed into law. It’s too late to get people that attended Mr. Trump’s rallies to run for either house of Congress in 2016, but if we get at least 75% of Congress to be people that attended his rallies in support of him to run and win in 2018, we could wallop the hell out of the America haters so much that their anti-American opinions would be irrelevant. The vast majority of Americans are so damn sick and tired of the nonsense that’s going on in the snake pits of Washington, DC, that they could just strangle some of them, especially Mitch McConnell in the Senate, and Paul Ryan, the current Speaker of the House. One person, a friend of mind said in frustration, “Sometimes, I wonder if Trump would do better with a Democratic Congress They’re in the minority, and unlike their Republican counterparts, at least they’re not all talk and no action.” I can’t help but to wonder if she’s making a valid point. I’m scared to death of taking a chance with the democrats. They’re the authors of absolute confusion, and have been for many many years, and it resulted in one disaster after another. Anyway, that’s my rumbling rambling for now. I know that opinions are just like armpits. Everybody has at least two, and some stink worse than others. But Patrick, whatever you do, keep up the good work. There aren’t enough of people like you. Oh, and thanks.


    1. I wouldn’t be so quick to underestimate Mr. Trump. He’s been dealing with these people all his life so he knows how to get to them. Sometimes the easiest person to manipulate is the person who doesn’t like you.


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