You Want it Free?


What is the first thing you think of when some company offers you something for free? Most people ask themselves, “where’s the catch?”. Seems kinda cynical doesn’t it. But as we all know there is always a catch. Maybe they want some information on you or someone you know or everyone you know, or maybe something else will be expected from you at some other point in time. Whatever it is rest assured that someone somewhere has to pay the price for whatever it is that you are being offered for “free” and the odds are that it will be you or some part of you. I bet there are cultures who do not have a word which describes what “free” means to us. It is a concept steeped in fantasy.

For many in the poor and lower middle class “free” is the platitude used to describe handouts. They think their Obama Phone was free but instead it is covering up what it really is namely a symbol of their own failure. That free government phone might just as well be a ball and chain and it shows the whole world that you failed at being an adult and cannot provide for even yourself. Yes that is the truth of the matter the truth you can’t hear because it might turn some snowflakes ears red.

Bernie Sanders fans, and a lot of Hillary Clinton fans, and even a few people who vote Republican want free stuff. That is kinda like saying I want a unicorn. Everything comes with a price and sometimes the price isn’t always known in the moment. More times than most would care to admit, the price to be paid far exceeds the value of whatever was offered for “free.” You might think these are truths people in college could wrap their intellectual and vastly superior minds around but apparently not. Our snowflake generation has been programmed by preschool and daycare and after school programs and the TV, computer, tablet, cellphone and they have no clue where things come from so why shouldn’t they get everything they want for free. Or at least the illusion at someone else’ expense.

We’ve already had lots of “free” things already we can learn lessons from. Take free public education as a prime example. Somehow we have managed to allow a child’s education to have become socialist/communist conditioning. Teachers paid by the people to teach their children, take that money and turn these kids into morons and monsters. This is what unions and government programs and agencies have done in just one area of our lives. Is free primary education free? No it comes at a horrible cost. Perhaps it would be better to send the kids off with their parents to work. Surely they’d learn something more useful.

Unfinished work. Will  finish later.  No incentive to keep writing and too lazy to bother.

Hey it’s free fuck you.



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