Voting Democrat is Voting Racist


I’m not going to bore you with how some white supremacist groups were founded by left leaning Democrats. Or go into some big tirade about how the N.A.A.C.P. was formed and ran by white Jewish socialists much like the U.C.L.A. with the exception of the N.A.A.C.P.’s single black board member who held the lowest position on the board (can we say token nigger?). I’m not going to tell you any of that nor would I remind anyone that it was Republicans who freed the slaves and that MLK came from a family of Republicans. I’m not going to tell you any of that because I assume you already know these things unless of course it is your first day on the internet.


What I am going to mention is that blacks and other nonwhites (well ok whites too) haven’t fared so well economically during the last several years. The truth is that no matter how the White House and the press spin it, Americas economy has been in the crapper and spiraling downward for a very long time now. Prices have gone up and where there are jobs, wages have gone down or not kept up with inflation. Almost half of the country are in some ways dependents of the federal government. That is an incredibly large amount of power put into the hands of people most of us consider corrupt, narcissistic, liars whose only interest is in their own desires. Too much power.

federal-reserve-1913-crime rothschild

So what have the Democrats done for blacks and other minorities? Well first off black unemployment is so high you’d think someone was trying to chain all blacks to government handouts. To get to a place like this took us almost 20 trillion dollars into debt and the clock is still running on that one so expect 20 or more before this president is out of office. Both illegal and legal immigration affect the middle and lower black communities more than anyone elses and the Democrats want to open out boarders and let in a lot more people who will be willing and eager to work a lot cheaper than black Americans. Forget about starting your own business black man because there are so many regulations now that you can go to jail for mowing a crackers lawn. You might as well pimp and deal.


Look in your Democrat controlled inner cities. Do those people really have any hope of overcoming that mess? Who’s keeping those folks down? The same democrats who think they are entitled to the black vote or Hispanic vote or female vote. Democrats haven’t done any real good for any of these people because why should they. The only time Democrats give a hoot about people of color is when voting time comes around or they need something and that doesn’t matter if the Democrat politician is black or white or brown.

Republican? All we want to do is to be able to create an atmosphere where opportunities are abundant for everyone and then leave you alone to figure it out for yourselves. Maybe give you a little nudge in that direction to get you out of your rut and on your way to a better future than watching Maury’s lineup of hos and skanks every day. At the very least help give you the chance to make something out of yourself.

The one thing we know about Trump is ……. he’s made lots of jobs for lots of folks of every race creed and culture on planet earth. What have Clinton and Sanders ever done for anyone?


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